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Surname Jones - Meaning and Origin

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Exploring the Celtic Origins of the Jones Surname Through iGENEA's DNA Testing. (

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A. Jones

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Jones: What does the surname Jones mean?

The surname Jones is an ancient surname of Welsh origins and is derived from the given name "John." It was traditionally used to distinguish those born into the same family. It is an interesting name that can be found throughout the world in various forms, including "Johansson" in Swedish, "Jonas" in German and Dutch, and "Jonson" in Norway.

In Wales, the name Jones was initially used to distinguish between children of the same family who had the same given name of John. Like many other Welsh surnames, it was closely connected to geography. For example, in some cases, the name was linked to a specific farm or a certain area, allowing people to distinguish between different families who had the same name.

The surname is still quite popular in Wales and it can be found in other parts of the world as well, such as North America and Australia. It is also a very frequent surname in the United Kingdom, being the second most popular surname in England and Wales in 2019.

Jones continues to be one of the most common surnames on the planet with millions of people bearing the name. Although its origin is still debated, it is most likely related to a saint's name - John, and it is believed to have originated as a distinguishing name for John's children from the same family.

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Jones: Where does the name Jones come from?

The last name Jones is one of the most common surnames in the United States, ranking as the 17th most common surname in 2020. It is also popular in Canada and can be found among the top 50 surnames in England and Wales. Jones is also one of the most common surnames in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Wales, Scotland.

The surname Jones has Germanic origins and was predominantly found in Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. It is believed that the surname Jones began as a patronymic, meaning that it was derived from a father's given name. The Polish equivalent was Jankowski while the Russian and Ukrainian equivalent was Ivanov.

Today, you can find Jones concentrated in a few distinct geographical areas around the world. In the United States, it is most common in the Southern states such as Mississippi, Georgia, Arkansas, and Alabama. In the United Kingdom, it is most commonly found in London, Wales, and Merseyside. In Australia, it is most common in the states of Victoria and South Australia.

Although the last name Jones can be found all over the world, it is important to note that its exact origins and meanings vary in different countries. Thus, the name can be interpreted differently in different places.

Variations of the surname Jones

The variant spellings and surnames of Jones are numerous and varied. Variants of this surname are Joness, Jonesson, Jons, Jonnson, Jonni, Johnes, Gons, Johns, Joehnson, Jonston, Johnsen, Johnsson, Jone, Gones, Jonsson and Jonson.

The Jones surname is a patronymic surname, which suggests that it originated from a personal name as the root of its origin, with John being the most likely source. This surname is found primarily in England, although it is also found in other countries such Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, and France.

The surname is found as Jones in most English-speaking countries, and is believed to have evolved from the Old English name 'Johannes', derived from the Hebrew name 'Yochanan'. 'Johannes' was first recorded in 12 Skirbeck Court Rolls of Lincolnshire in 1210, and has been found in other records as early as 1273. 'Jonas' was also popular in Scandinavian countries, in which it is still commonly used today.

Variations of Jones also occur in other languages. For example, the name 'Gonzalez' is found in Spanish-speaking countries and is believed to have evolved from the same root as the Jones family name. In German, the ending '-son' is often added to the end of a surname, resulting in variations such as 'Johansson', 'Johnsson', and 'Jonsson'. The German 'Johann' is also sometimes found in its original form, spelled phonetically the same as 'Jones'.

The Jones surname is also found in various spellings, most of them reflecting regional and linguistic influences. In Wales, the common variant is 'Ajon', while in Scotland, 'Gow' is found, and 'Mac Iain' is present in Ireland.

Famous people with the name Jones

  • Michael Dwayne Vincy Jones: American actor, comedian, and filmmaker
  • Tom Jones: Welsh singer
  • Norah Jones: Grammy Award-winning singer, pianist, and actress
  • Rebekah Jones: British television journalist
  • Mick Jagger: British singer-songwriter of the Rolling Stones
  • Nicholas Jones: British journalist and broadcaster
  • Ricky Jones: American actor, singer, and dancer
  • Quincy Jones: American Music Producer
  • Sarah Jones: American Actress
  • James Earl Jones: American actor
  • Nathan Jones: Australian former professional wrestler and strength athlete
  • Ashley Jones: American actress
  • Andy Jones: Canadian actor, writer, and comedian
  • Spike Jones: American comedian, content creator, and musician
  • Roberta Flack: American Singer
  • Rashida Jones: American actress, singer and producer
  • Nicky Jones: English voice actor
  • Doug Jones: American actor
  • Harrison Jones: American football player
  • Daniyar Jones: Kazakhstani musician

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