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Surname Jonelat - Meaning and Origin

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Jonelat: What does the surname Jonelat mean?

The last name Jonelat is thought to be of French origin and is most commonly associated with the western region of France known as Maisoneuve. While the exact origin is unknown, there are various theories as to the meaning and potential origin of the surname.

One popular theory suggests that Jonelat is a derivative of the Latin name "Gonnatellus" or "Gonnelaus". This theory posits that the name "Gonnatellus" is derived from the Germanic words "Gundy" and "Lai," meaning "battle" and "people" respectively. It is believed that this name may have been used by members of the Maisoneuve territory who served as soldiers in battle.

Another theory suggests that Jonelat may be derived from the French location name "Gonne". This origin theory suggests that members of this noble family may have resided in or owned property within the village in the 12th century.

No matter which origin theory is correct, the Jonelat last name is most certainly derived from the Maisoneuve region in western France. This name is associated with centuries of history and has likely been passed down from generation to generation in French families for centuries.

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Jonelat: Where does the name Jonelat come from?

The last name Jonelat is common primarily in France today. Records have shown that the earliest appearances of the last name was during the 16th century. It isn't known when or how the name was created but it appears to have been derived from an Old French word meaning ‘God’s gift’.

The name has remained a French name ever since and is mostly distinctive to France. However, descendents of the name have gone beyond the French frontiers. It is found in Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany and even further abroad in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia and other countries.

Since the beginning of the 20th century the amount of Jonelats has declined in France and increased in other countries, meaning that the worldwide population of Jonelats is higher than ever. Even so, France still holds the most amount of Jonelats and forms the main base of this population.

In conclusion, the last name Jonelat is more common today outside of France but France still holds the majority of people with the name. The name is mostly associated to France, as it has been since its appearance in the 16th century.

Variations of the surname Jonelat

The surname Jonelat is a French surname, with separate variants spelled Jonel, Jonelot, Jonlot, and Jonelas. It is likely derived from the ancient personal name "Jona/Jonah," from the Hebrew "Yonah" meaning "dove."

Jonel is the most common spelling variant, and it has two sources. Originally, it was a diminutive of "Jona," derived from the Latin "Jonul(l)us," before evolving into a patronymic surname of its own. It is also a good Anglicized version of the French "Jonel(l)at."

Jonelot is the second most common variant which can often be found in records written before the Revolutionary period. It is the French pre-1789 spelling of "Jonel(l)at."

Jonlot is an older spelling variant, deriving from an Old French "Jonlot," which was the pre-14th century form of "Jonel(l)at." It has mainly been found as a patronymic surname in Touraine, in the Loire Valley.

Jonelas is an even rarer variant of the French Jonelat surname, likely to have evolved from the Latin "Jonel(l)at" during the early modern period as a written form.

Thus, the surname Jonelat has four main spelling variants—Jonel, Jonelot, Jonlot, and Jonelas—which form a family of surnames that are all variations of the same name and of the same origin.

Famous people with the name Jonelat

  • Rachelle Jonelat: Dancer, Choreographer, Actress, Founder of DANCING BEYOND BOUNDARIES
  • Caecilia Jonelat: French Artist
  • Alexandrina Jonelat: Playwright, Director
  • David Jonelat: Senior Managing Director, Investment Banker
  • Eveline Jonelat: Founder of Women With Ability
  • Michael Jonelat: Director of Marketing, US Cable Operator
  • Charity Jonelat: Co-Founder of The Jonelat Foundation
  • Josh Jonelat: Producer, Director, Musician
  • Laurence Jonelat: French Politician
  • Scarlet Jonelat: Actress, Model, Singer, Hostess

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