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Surname Jöne - Meaning and Origin

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Jöne: What does the surname Jöne mean?

The last name Jöne is most likely derived from the German or Old Norse names Johannes or Jon, meaning "God is gracious". It could also be derived from the Middle High German word jone, meaning “alderman” or “elder”. The name is found in various Germanic and Scandinavian cultures, including Germany, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway.

In Germanic regions, the name is sometimes rendered as Jöhn or Jöhnke. In Sweden it is often spelled Jönsson, and in Denmark, it is spelled Jønsson. During the 19th century, the spelling of the surname spread to other countries, including the United States, Canada, and Australia.

The name is often used as a given name, and is sometimes shortened to Jöni or Jöns. The surname is also sometimes used as a nickname in the form Jonsi, Jonko, Jonni or Jonsen.

The name Jöne is an important part of German and Scandinavian heritage, and carries a long history of significance in those cultures. It remains a popular last name today, both in the Germanic and Scandinavian countries and elsewhere.

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Jöne: Where does the name Jöne come from?

Today, the surname Jöne is most commonly found in Central and Eastern Europe. In Germany, the surname is widely distributed in the states of Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria. It is also found in Austria and Switzerland. In Poland, the surname is found mainly in the Masovian, Silesian, and Opole voivodeships.

In the Netherlands, Jöne is not a common name, although some pockets of the population in the province of Limburg and the city of Groningen have adopted the name. In Hungary, it is widespread in many parts of the country, particularly in the capital Budapest and in Koltu-Kanizsa and Szekesfehervar.

In addition, Jöne is also known in other regions in Europe, including Croatia, the Czech Republic, Finland, Latvia, Romania, and Slovakia. Outside of Europe, Jöne is found mostly among immigrant populations in North and South America.

Overall, the last name Jöne is an old German family name that is still found in many countries across the world. It continues to be popular, particularly in Central and Eastern Europe, but has also spread to other places around the globe.

Variations of the surname Jöne

The surname Jöne is a Germanic-language surname, derived from the name Jona, a short form for Johannes, the standard Latin form of John. The surname is quite varied in its origins when examining its spelling, however Jöne seems to be the most common variant.

Variants of the Germanic surname Jöne include Jonte, June, Juhne, Jugne, Joné and Jone, while spellings may also include Jonne, Jonye, Jones, Junes, Jouns and Jowns.

Surnames of the same origin that derive from the same Latin roots as Jöne include Johnson, Johnsson, Johnsen, Johns and Jonasson in the Scandinavian countries, Jahn, Jahnke, Janke and Jahnken in northern Germany, Janssen, Janßen, and Janz in the Netherlands, Janssens and Jaenen in Belgium, and Janes and Janin in France.

In addition to the previous groupings, the name Jöne may have also developed derivatives in different nations over the years, so there may be unique regional variants of it as well.

Overall Jöne and its variants are national and international surnames that maintain the same roots; the Latin form of John. This shows that the surname is an evolution through time of different interpretations and spellings of the same source.

Famous people with the name Jöne

  • Karel Jöne, Dutch professional cricketer from Voorhout-Warmond.
  • Rosa Liksom, Finnish writer and Academy-Award nominated film director who legally changed her name from Rosa Jöne.
  • Heikki Jöne, Estonian artist and professor whose artwork is displayed in several Estonian museums.
  • Springs Jöne, American record-breaking sprinter.
  • Robert Jöne, Swedish competitive athlete who placed second at the 2010 World Championship in cross-country skiing.
  • Eino Jöne, Finnish playwright and theatre director.
  • Torre Jöne, Swedish singer and songwriter who donated funds to the UN Refugee Agency and UNICEF.
  • Mauri Jöne, Finnish film director and founder of the production company Kinox Productions.
  • Veikko Jöne, Finnish professional snowboarder who took part in multiple Olympic Games.
  • Malin Jöne, Swedish actor and model.

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