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Surname Jonel - Meaning and Origin

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Jonel: What does the surname Jonel mean?

The last name Jonel is a surname of French origin. It is most likely derived from the personal name "Jon," meaning "God is gracious." The name could have also taken root from the ancient French name "Jonel," a diminutive of "Jon," meaning "Little God."

The Jonel surname has an interesting linguistic history, with variations being found throughout Europe. In France and soil0-eastern European countries, the surname is spelled "Jonel" while in Germany and other North European countries, it is spelled Yonel or Yonkel.

Because of its French origin, the Jonel surname has a cultural legacy that is often associated with the values of chivalry, romance, and integration. It is seen as a timeless emblem of hope and resilience, and has been used as the surname for important figures in literature, art, and entertainment.

One famous bearer of the Jonel surname is Argentine tennis star Guillermo Jonel Cocito, who has been ranked as high as 25th in the world. The famous Jonel brothers, two brothers from France have also gained worldwide recognition in the sport of archery.

The Jonel surname has stood the test of time with its strong resonance. This powerful surname is an indicator of a person's background and a reminder that they are part of a larger, timeless family. Those who bear the Jonel surname can look to it proudly, as an emblem of strength, tenacity, and resilience.

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Jonel: Where does the name Jonel come from?

The last name Jonel is most commonly found in Central and Eastern Europe. In Poland, the name is spelled Joneł and is most frequented in the regions of Łódź and Masovian. In the Czech Republic, the spelling is Janel and is found mostly in the Hradec Kralove region. The name is also seen in countries such as Hungary, Romania, and Slovakia.

It is also found in greater numbers in the United States, with a particularly large population of Jonel's in California. Other large concentrations include Florida, Illinois, and Texas, with a sizeable population of bearers residing in New York.

In the UK, Jonel is more infrequently seen, although a sizable number are found in Manchester and Essex.

In Australia, Jonel is comparatively rare but seen in the region of Victoria, and to a lesser extent, New South Wales and Tasmania.

Overall, the name Jonel is a widely dispersed surname today and shows no signs of abating. It has been carried with pride for generations and will continue to be for years to come.

Variations of the surname Jonel

The Jonel surname has several variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. They include Jonen, Yonel, Yonel (also spelled Yonell and Yonnell), Jonelle, Jonell, Jonele, Jonnal, Jonelle, Joanna, Joannes, Jonal, Johnle, Johnell, Jiannell, Yahannes, Iohannes, Janell, Janele, Jannell, Jannel and Jonel.

The variations of the Jonel surname could also be derived from regional, ethnic or religious roots. For example, variations of the Jonel surname could indicate a Cajun origin from the French name Jean, a Gaelic derivation from the Irish name John, or a Sephardic Jewish origin originating from the Spanish name Juan or Portuguese name João.

Variations of the Jonel surname are also commonly found in countries with French or English influencers, such as France, England, the United States, Canada and countries in the Caribbean. It is also more prominently found among Eastern European countries such as Poland, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Taking into account its wide range of regional, cultural and religious variations, the Jonel surname remains a popular name in many parts of the world. Regardless of its wide variety of variations, the Jonel surname is still widely recognised among families with common ancestries.

Famous people with the name Jonel

  • Sebastian Jonel: French actor
  • Megan Jonel: Grammy Award-winning American songwriter
  • Imro Jonel- Hungarian Olympic figure skater
  • David Jonel: Tony Award-winning Canadian producer
  • Rafael Jonel: Venezuelan bullfighter
  • Stéphane Jonel: French voice actor
  • Jean-Claude Jonel: French League of Legends professional player
  • Min Jonel: South Korean K-Pop singer
  • Annie Jonel: French daredevil aerialist
  • Sydney Jonel: British lawyer and entrepreneur

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