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Exploring the Celtic Origins of the Jones Surname Through iGENEA's DNA Testing. (

Family name Jones

Taking a plunge into the world of genetic genealogy, I recently undertook a DNA test at iGENEA to discover the historical intricacies entwined with my surname – Jones. The comprehensive and highly accurate testing revealed remarkable facts about my Celtic origins, providing a tangible connection to my past.

As an enthusiast deeply vested in tracing my family lineage, I embarked on a journey with iGENEA to investigate the origins of my surname - Jones. The process was seamless, and primarily involved providing a simple cheek swab for DNA analysis. From the outset, it was clear that iGENEA takes a comprehensive approach, testing both Y-DNA (paternal line), and mtDNA (maternal line), offering a broad scope on potentially deep-rooted familial connections.

Through this analysis, I discovered that the Jones lineage is associated with Celtic origins, particularly linked with Wales. The DNA results corroborated historical information, delving deeper by providing clues regarding strife-ridden migrations and intermixing with other ethnic groups, carving out the unique genetic profile I carry today.

The accuracy of the DNA test was impressive. After discussing the results with a genetic genealogist, I found the iGENEA test highly reliable due to their use of autosomal DNA (atDNA), Y-DNA, and mtDNA testing. This three-pronged approach places a more considerable emphasis on accuracy as it cross-references DNA markers across multiple genetic lines.

I was also privy to a greater understanding of my haplogroup, R1b, which is predominant within western Europe. It deepened my knowledge about prehistoric migrations, specifically the substantial influx of Celtic immigrants around Wales, a key cog in the wheel of Jones ancestry.

A striking aspect about the iGENEA test was the 'deep ancestry' report. This allowed me to trace my lineage much further back than traditional genealogical records, even getting glimpses into the Mesolithic eras.

The iGENEA test has helped broaden my horizons on the Jones name, showcasing its intricate history moulded throughout various epochs, backed with concrete scientific evidences. IGENEA's sophisticated technology was effective in articulating a comprehensive understanding of the tale scripted within my DNA, thus solidifying my sense of identity and heritage.

A. Jones

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