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Surname Jonen - Meaning and Origin

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Jonen: What does the surname Jonen mean?

The last name Jonen is of German origin and can be a derivation of the German given name Johannes. It is thought to mean 'Jehovah has favored', from the Hebrew words 'yeho' meaning 'Jehovah', and 'chanan' meaning 'to favor'.

The surname is also seen in some Jewish families, and is thought to come from the Hebrew 'Yochanan' which is a form of 'Johanan'. This name also translates to 'God has favored'.

The surname Jonen is most common in Germany and is also found in the Netherlands and many other countries. It is the 180th most common name in Germany, with approximately 33,600 people having the name.

Jonen is a fairly uncommon surname in the United States, with only around 1,000 people having it. It is most commonly found in Montana and Idaho.

Jonen is also quite popular as a first name, particularly in South American countries such as Chile, Peru, and Uruguay.

Overall, the last name Jonen is thought to mean 'God has favored' or 'Jehovah has favored' and is seen throughout Europe, the United States, and South America. It has been in use since at least the 15th century, and is still common today.

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Jonen: Where does the name Jonen come from?

The last name Jonen is most commonly found in North America. In the United States, the name Jonen is most commonly found in the states of Wisconsin, New York, Iowa, Maine, and Michigan. The name Jonen is also fairly common in Canada, particularly in Ontario, Nova Scotia, and Québec.

In terms of its racial makeup, the last name Jonen is most common among Caucasians, African Americans, and Native Americans. It is also commonly seen among Irish descendants.

The last name Jonen is derived from the personal name Johannes, which is the Latin form of the name John. John was an extremely popular name throughout Christian Europe in the Middle Ages, and it remains in use today in many European countries.

Although the origin of the Jonen family is not known, records from the 1500s and 1600s show that many German families with the last name were living in the East Friesland region in Northwestern Germany.

In terms of its international presence, the surname Jonen isn't particularly prominent outside of North America. The last name is quite rare in Australia and New Zealand, although it is occasionally seen in England, Germany, and France.

Variations of the surname Jonen

The surname Jonen is mostly found in mainland Finland and North America. Jonen is a variant of the surname Jönsson, which is common in Sweden and Finland. Common variants of Jönsson include Johansson, Johanssen, Johnson, Jonsson and Jonsen. These surnames are derived from the given name Johan, which is a form of John.

In Finland, the surname Jonen is particularly common in the region of Tavastia, as it is derived from a Finnish place name, Yli-Joenen. The variant Yli-Jonen is the most popular in this region. In Finland, Jonen can also be found written as Jounen or Jonninen.

In the United States, there are several variants that are used interchangeably with Jonen, such as Joneen, Jonen, Jonen, Johnsen and Johnston. Johnsen and Johnston are derived from the Scandinavian Johan. The variants Joneen, Jonen and Jonen are phonetic spellings of the surname Jonen.

Jonen is also found written in various Anglophone countries, though the spelling may differ. Examples include Jones in Wales and England; Joanes in Ireland; and Jongen in Dutch-speaking countries.

Overall, Jonen is a variant of the Swedish surname Jönsson, and is also found written as Johansson, Johanssen, Johnson, Jonsson, Jonsen, Yli-Jonen, Jounen, Jonninen, Joneen, Johnsen, Johnston, Jones, Joanes, and Jongen.

Famous people with the name Jonen

  • Kevin Jonas: American musician, actor, and entrepreneur.
  • Paul Jonen: Dutch field hockey player.
  • Paul Jonens: Belgian jazz bassist.
  • Michael Jonens: American music producer.
  • Pauline Jonen: French politician.
  • Sandy Jonens: German actress.
  • Mark Jonen: Andrea Bocelli's manager.
  • Silvia Jonens: German commentator and athlete.
  • Lorie Jonens: French figure skater.
  • Richard Jonens: English football manager.
  • Gwen Jonens: Australian film director.
  • William Jonens: American video game designer.
  • Andrew Jonens: Malaysian vocalist.
  • Tajana Jonens: Croatian mathematical physicist.
  • Sabine Jonens: Austrian visual artist.
  • Minna Jonens: Swiss drama teacher.
  • Patrick Jonens: Belgian teacher of law and international relations.
  • Yara Jonens: Brazilian dancer.
  • Chris Jonens: Canadian medical doctor.
  • Fred Jonens: American civil right activist.

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