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Surname Abasiz - Meaning and Origin

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Abasiz: What does the surname Abasiz mean?

The last name Abasiz is of Turkish origin and is made up of two distinct words: ‘aba’ and ‘siz’. The term aba is commonly used to refer to an elder, often the father figure of a family, showing respect for their age and wisdom. Meanwhile, ‘siz’ is a particular plural suffix used to indicate a formality in Turkish culture, suggesting honor and respect. Consequently, the last name Abasiz is a representation of a core characteristic of Turkish culture, which is the reverence and appreciation of elders.

In addition to being indicative of respect for those who come before us, the last name Abasiz can also represent the idea of familial bonds and lineage. It suggests that the bearer of the name is part of a larger, meaningful network of family and culture and is proud of their rich heritage.

One interesting aspect of the last name Abasiz is that it continues to have meaning even today. Despite living in a world that often prioritizes youth and individuality above all else, there is still something very special and important about understanding and respecting the traditions and values of our ancestors. The last name Abasiz serves as a reminder of our continuous link to the past and of the lasting impact of those who came before us.

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Abasiz: Where does the name Abasiz come from?

The last name Abasiz is most commonly found in the Caucasus region between Russia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan. This region is where many ethnic groups live, including Armenians, Georgians, Azeris, Turks, and Kurds, all of which are known to have some variation of the Abasiz surname.

The surname Abasiz is believed to have originated from the Caucasian Tatars, who are descendants of the Mongol people, and it is thought that the name was given to them when they settled in the Caucasus Mountains. It is also possible that the surname was adopted by Orthodox Christian families in the Caucasus region.

Within the Caucasus region, the Abasiz surname is commonly found in Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Georgia, as well as in the Turkish cities of Istanbul and Izmir. However, the surname is also used in the neighbouring countries of Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Russia, and Belarus, where it is sometimes spelled "Abbaszadeh". In addition, the surname has been used in the United States by immigrants from the Caucasus region.

In general, the surname Abasiz is most commonly associated with Caucasian and Middle Eastern ethnicities, and therefore it is not particularly widespread outside of these areas. However, it is known to be found in the diaspora of these ethnicities, such as the United States, Canada, Australia, and other countries with large Middle Eastern and Caucasian immigrant populations.

Variations of the surname Abasiz

The surname Abasiz is a variant of the patronymic surname Bashevis which originated from the Yiddish language. It was mainly found among Jews living in Poland. Bashevis and variants of the name are also commonly spelled Bashan, Bashe, Bashin, Bashin, Bache, Beshvinski, and Bessie, and the Russian spelling is Bashevich. The surname Abasiz first emerged in Poland in the 11th century, although the prevalence of the name increased dramatically in the 16th century when European Jews migrated to Poland from Germany, Russia, and other countries.

Other variants of the surname Abasiz include Abas, Abish, and Bases. Abas is generally believed to come from the Hebrew name "Aba", meaning "father". Abish is a variant of the Russian version of Bashevich, and Bases is simply an alternate spelling of the Bashevis surname.

In terms of differences in spelling, some variants of Abasiz are usually written with an "e" at the end, such as Bashevis. Alternatively, some surname variants may be written with a "v" instead of a "b" at the beginning, such as Vache.

Some surnames stemming from Bashevis may also appear in other countries, such as the United Kingdom and the United States. In the UK, the surname can be found as Bassey, Bassi, and Basham, while in the US, it is seen as Beach and Basson.

Overall, there is a wide array of surnames derived from Abasiz, all of which can be broken down into the original Bashevis. It is important to note that spelling and pronunciation can vary among variants, depending on geographical region.

Famous people with the name Abasiz

  • Akbar Abasiz: a high-profile Azerbaijani chess grandmaster.
  • Ramil Abasiz: an Azerbaijani politician and member of the Milli Mejlis.
  • Siyavush Abasiz: an Azerbaijani composer, one of the most outstanding musicians of the 20th Century in his country.
  • Riyad Abasiz: an Azerbaijani karate fighter and a multiple world and European champion in his sport.
  • Latif Abasiz: Azerbaijani professional footballer, currently playing for Longford Town.
  • Samir Abasiz: Azerbaijani man of letters, poet and journalist.
  • Elvin Abasiz: a football player from Azerbaijan, who is the current captain of Qarabağ FK.
  • Esmira Abasiz: Azerbaijani writer and teacher known for her work in educational reform, recently named an honorary academician of Azerbaijan.
  • Javidan Abasiz: Azerbaijani singer and songwriter, best known for the hit single “Yada”.
  • Victor Abasiz: Russian-born volleyball player of Azerbaijani descent, who was named the best male player of the year 2015 in Azerbaijan.

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