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Surname Abas - Meaning and Origin

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Abas: What does the surname Abas mean?

The last name Abas is of Spanish-Islamic origin, meaning “noble” and “chosen one.” It is a patronymic name referring to the father's given name. It is often used as a first name in Arab or Muslim countries.

The name Abas is found in many cultures, including Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, and Spanish. It has a long history of being a prestigious name, often belonging to people of high societal status. In Islamic tradition, the name symbolizes strength and nobility.

The surname Abas also has biblical roots. According to the book of Exodus, Abas was the partriarch of the family of Ezeed. He was the son of Gad and the grandson of Jacob, who was later named Israel. Abas became the leader of the Israelites and took part in their exodus from Egypt.

In later history, Abas has been used as a surname by many influential people. This includes Abas I, the first shah of Persia, Abas ibn Ali, a cousin of the prophet Mohammed, and Abas Yousuf, a famous Egyptian literary scholar.

Overall, the last name Abas has a longstanding reputation for project power, honor, and respect. This name carries a great deal of significance, whether it’s used as a first name or a surname. it embodies the traditional values of strength and nobility.

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Abas: Where does the name Abas come from?

The last name Abas is relatively common today, especially in the Middle East and other regions with large Arabic or Muslim populations. It is common in countries such as Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt and Oman, among other places. There is also a small community of Abas-named people in the United States, with most of them being of Middle Eastern origin.

The last name Abas has its origin in the Arabic language and is believed to mean "of great determination, strength, and courage," or "fierce." In certain cultures, the meaning of Abas goes even deeper, featuring a person who is brave, honorable, and loyal. People with this last name often go by titles and honorifics such as Shaikh, Sayyid, or Sayyidah.

The name Abas is relatively uncommon in Europe and most of the English-speaking world, which may have something to do with its Arabic origin. However, with the growing number of Arabic and Muslim immigrants settling in these parts of the world, it is highly likely that the name Abas will become more common in the near future.

Variations of the surname Abas

The surname 'Abas' is derived from the word 'Abbas', which means 'Lion' in Arabic. The variants, spellings and surnames of Abas are Abbass, Abbasi, Abbassian, Abbassi, Abesi, Abus and Abuz.

The surname Abbass is a variant of the name Abas and can be found in countries such as Jordan, Syria and Egypt. In other Middle Eastern countries, it is commonly found as a variant of the name ‘Abbasi’. ‘Abbasi’ is considered to be one of the most popular surnames in Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Iran. It is believed that people bearing the surname 'Abbassi' are descendants of Prophet Muhammad's uncle, Abbas ibn Abd al-Muttalib.

The surname Abbassian is derived from the surname Abbass and is mostly found in some parts of Iran and Afghanistan. In Iran, the forms of Abbassian and Abbassi are very common. It is also found as a surname in other countries including Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Kuwait.

The surname Abesi is derived from the word 'Abbas' and is mostly seen in Iran. It is mainly used as an alternative form of the surname 'Abbasi' and its variants. Furthermore, the name 'Abus' is also considered to be a variant of the name 'Abbas' and is mainly found in some parts of Jordan, Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Lastly, 'Abuz' is found in some parts of Syria and is also considered to be a variant of the same name.

Famous people with the name Abas

  • Ali Abas: Iraqi-American actor, artist, and professional wrestler
  • Gil Abas: Israeli-American classical anthropologist
  • Abbas Abas: Iranian Azerbaijani actor, television presenter, and singer
  • Manouchehr Abas: Iranian academic, engineer and entrepreneur
  • Farbod Abas: Iranian footballer
  • Fatemeh Abas: Syrian-American singer
  • Yossi Abas: Israeli footballer
  • Hisham Abas: Palestinian-American artist
  • Reda Abas: Egyptian basketball player
  • Ahmed Abas: Egyptian athlete, shot putter

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