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Surname Aas - Meaning and Origin

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Aas: What does the surname Aas mean?

The last name Aas is of Norwegian origin and its literal translation from Norwegian to English is "ridge" or "hill". That implies that the original bearers of the surname Aas might have lived on or near a ridge or hill, or perhaps the name was used to signify someone who came from the town called Aas in Norway. Surnames often arose from geographical locations, occupations, or even personal characteristics, so these interpretations can be possible. However, the specific history of the surname Aas would depend on the individual family line. The surname is common in Norway and in countries with a significant number of Norwegian immigrants such as the United States. Like many other surnames, spelling variations may exist based on regional dialects and emigration patterns.

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Aas: Where does the name Aas come from?

The surname Aas is of Norse origin, specifically from Norway. The name is derived from geographic features such as farms; "Aas" translates to "hill" or "slope" in English. This was a common naming convention in Norway where the inhabitants of a particular geographical location were identified by the name of that place. For quite a time, Aas was not a hereditary surname, but became so around the late 19th to early 20th century when Norway instituted a formal system of family names. In terms of regional commonality, the surname Aas continues to be commonly found in Norway today and is also prevalent among Norwegian immigrants and their descendants, especially in places like the United States and Canada. Furthermore, you can find some individuals with this last name in countries like Denmark and Sweden.

Variations of the surname Aas

The surname Aas is of Norwegian origin and is primarily found in Scandinavia. Variants of this surname can include Aase, Aass, Aaserud, Aasland, and Aastad. These variants typically include additional suffixes or prefixes to the original surname, Aas, representing different geographical areas or personal characteristics in Norway.

The spelling can vary due to localization, translations, or simply personal preference. For instance, double ‘a’ in Scandinavian languages is often replaced with ‘å’. Therefore, "Ås" might be another spelling variant of the same name representing a geographical feature, generally translating to "ridge" or "hill".

Another spelling variant could be "Aaz", though less common. This could be a result of transcription errors or phonetic spelling by those emigrating to English-speaking countries.

In terms of surnames of the same origin, there are a wide variety due to the common usage of "Aas" as a prefix in Norwegian surnames. Examples could include Aasen, Aasheim, Aasberg, all denoting different geographical features or locations. However, it's important to note that while these names share the "Aas" prefix, they are distinct surnames on their own and might not always mean that individuals with these surnames share ancestry with those bearing the "Aas" surname.

Famous people with the name Aas

  • Erling Aas-Eng: A Norwegian politician, member of the Centre Party, he also served as the deputy mayor of Ringsaker.
  • Kai Eide Aas: A Norwegian diplomat and politician, he has worked as an ambassador, and United Nations representative.
  • Johanne Aas: A popular Norwegian cross-country skier during the 1980s.
  • Jorun Erdal Aas: A former Norwegian handball player, she played 201 international matches for Norway, and won silver medal in the World Championship in 1986.
  • Maj Britt Aas: A Norwegian female curler, she is an alternate of the Norwegian national team.
  • Sara Aas: An American contemporary artist known for her installation work.
  • Liv Aas: A Norwegian author and translator.
  • Tove Aas Morten: A Norwegian illustrator and graphic designer.
  • Geirrød Aas: A Norwegian swimmer who represented his country in the 200m and 400m freestyle at the 1960 Rome Olympics.
  • Arne Aas: An actor, best known for his work on the 1942 film "Unge viljer". These are a few of the notable people with the last name Aas.

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