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Surname Aarns - Meaning and Origin

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Aarns: What does the surname Aarns mean?

Aarns is a Dutch and German surname derived from the Middle Dutch personal name ‘Aern’ or ‘Aert’ meaning "eagle-strength", signifying someone who was brave and powerful. In the Low Countries and the German-influenced regions of Europe, this name became very popular and eventually developed into a variety of surnames, including Aarns.

The earliest known uses of Aarns as a surname can be found in the Netherlands, where records dating back to the late 15th century feature the name in its various forms. Those who adopted the name marked their lineage from a prominent person called Aern, or alternatively, it could be that they simply admired the virtues embodied by the name’s bearer.

Today, the Aarns surname can be found all across Europe, particularly in countries such as the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium.

Throughout the centuries, Aarns has been given various spellings, predominantly being Aarns, Aerns and sometimes Aernssen. Regardless of the exact spelling, this name continues to have deep roots that stretch back into Europe’s storied past, and with its meanings of bravery and strength, it is a name that can still evoke pride in its many descendants.

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Aarns: Where does the name Aarns come from?

The last name Aarns is most commonly found in the Netherlands, where it is spelled as “Aarns” or “Aerms”. The origin of this surname dates back to the early Middle Ages, when it first appeared in Holland as a patronymic for the name “Aermaar”.

It is also found in Belgium and Germany, where it is spelled “Aarns”, “Arns” or “Ahrens”. In addition, it is occasionally found in France, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Although the frequency varies, Aarns is found in all of those countries.

In the United States, the Aarns surname is still relatively rare. There are currently approximately 200 individuals in the United States who carry the last name Aarns. Most of them are of Dutch, Belgian, German, or French-Canadian ancestry.

More recently, the Aarns surname has spread to other parts of the world, such as Australia, South Africa, and the Caribbean. Upper-class families of Dutch, German, or French-Canadian descent are more likely to bear the Aarns surname in these countries.

Overall, the Aarns surname is most common today in the Netherlands and Belgium, and is also found in adjacent countries such as Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. It is less commonly found in the United States, but is becoming more widespread in other parts of the world, especially in Australia, South Africa, and the Caribbean.

Variations of the surname Aarns

Aarns is a surname of German and Dutch origin that is spelled many different ways. The most common variants are Arn, Arns, Aarnz and Aarnes. Other less common variants include Ahrens, Aarne, Arnen, Aarness, Aarnson and Arnez.

In German, Aarns can be spelled Ahrens, Arn, Arnolds, Aerns, Ahrns, Ahrnolds, Erns, and Arenz. In Dutch, it is usually spelled Arn and Arns.

Aarns is a patronymic last name, meaning it is derived from the personal name of a father or ancestor. Common personal names from which Aarns is derived include Arno, Arend, Arnold, Ahrend and Arent.

Aarns may have been the surname of a person who worked as a jewelry maker or seller, earning the nickname “Aarns“, the Dutch word for “Earrings”.

In the United States, many Americans with the Aarns surname were of German or Dutch heritage. They likely immigrated to America between the 17th and 19th centuries either directly from the Netherlands or from German provinces.

No matter the spelling or origin, people with the Aarns surname can trace their heritage back to a distinct group of people. The name is a testament to their shared history and identity.

Famous people with the name Aarns

  • Robert Aarns (1923–2009), Dutch mathematician and historian of science
  • Annemieke Aarns, Dutch politician
  • Roelof Aarns (born 1942), Dutch filmmaker
  • Vera Aarns (1937–2018), Dutch gymnast
  • Joke Aarns (born 1943), Dutch Olympic sprinter
  • Mike Aarns (born 1976), Dutch long-distance runner
  • Lauri Aarns (born 1951), Finnish mogul skier
  • Tapio Aarns (born 1936), Finnish maanteidanhoitaja (road maintenance engineer)
  • Jarmo Aarns (born 1937), Finnish former footballer
  • Tomi Aarns (born 1984), Finnish footballer

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