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Are you a Viking?
DNA Origins Analysis

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Are you a Viking? Do the DNA-Test!

iGENEA's Viking-DNA test enables you to discover whether you are descended from the Vikings.

In co-operation with HBO Nordic, iGENEA is presenting the new Viking-DNA test at the start of the new season of 'Vikings'.

The Viking Age began more than a thousand years ago and in those two centuries the warlike Norsemen from Scandinavia went on numerous raids, above all in northern Europe. They spread fear and terror but were also extremely capable seafarers. They battled their way as far as the Mediterranean and Leif Eriksson discovered America (Vinland). These Viking voyages were recorded for posterity in numerous sagas and chronicles as early as the Middle Ages. The enormous fascination arising from this period can still be felt today. The Vikings not only live on in our memory, they also settled in many regions outside Scandinavia and so are among the ancestors of many Europeans living today. To this day, the deeds of Ragnar Lodbrok and many others have remained an inspiration for releases like the series 'Vikings' on the History Channel.

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From Anglo-Saxon Ancestors to Viking Roots: A Reshaped Perspective on Family Identity Post iGENEA DNA Test

Diving into one's genetic heritage is like embarking on a personal odyssey towards the deeper terrains of one's identity. My recent iGENEA DNA test prompted a massive revelation and led to a profound shift in my perspective towards my surname, Birch, and my family history. Hitherto, we were enveloped in the English narrative, but iGENEA unveiled our genetic connections with Vikings - an unexpected yet thrilling treasure that has significantly reshaped the way I perceive my family identity and the world.
» Field report from V. Birch

Tracing the Celtic and Viking Roots of the Greenfield Surname Through iGENEA DNA Testing

The DNA journey, tracing my origins using the iGENEA DNA test has been quite an illuminating experience. The test has demonstrated the mixed heritage of the Greenfield surname, with substantial lineage stemming from the British Isles and Northwestern Europe. The test indicates ancient migration patterns, revealing my forebears were Celts and Vikings. The results unveil an appealing mix of Celtic and Viking ancestry in the genetic makeup of my Greenfield forebears.
» Field report from G. Greenfield

From a Small German Town to the Viking Age: An Unexpected Lineage Discovery

Discovering the unexpected ancestral ties to the Scandinavian Vikings, the iGENEA DNA test has dramatically enhanced my self-understanding and notably shifted my perception on my lineage in a captivating manner.
» Field report from I. Bölte

Studies on the genetic identification of the Vikings

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Genetic indigenous peoples by iGENEA

By Ancient tribes, we refer to peoples from ancient times who are defined not only by their own language, culture and history, but also by their own DNA profile. An origins analysis by iGENEA determines your Ancient tribe by means of your haplogroup and genetic profile. The result refers roughly to the period between 900 BC and 900 AD.

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Viking Ancestry DNA Test Questions

How far back does a DNA genealogy test go?

The basic test goes back to approx. 2,000 years. Premium and Expert tests date back to approx. 100,000 years.

What is the difference between the three DNA tests?

With the iGENEA Basic Test you can find out your percentage of origin, find relatives and receive a written result with a certificate about your result. The Premium Test contains the Basic Test and additionally the haplogroup, the primitive people and the region of origin for the pure paternal or pure maternal line are determined. Additional relatives can be found in the desired line. The Expert Test contains the Basic Test and additionally contains the haplogroup, the primitive people and the region of origin for the pure paternal and pure maternal line. Additional relatives can be found in both lines. Our Expert Test is the most comprehensive genealogical DNA test in the world.

How can I, as a woman, examine my paternal lineage with a DNA test?

With our DNA-Explorer you can find out your entire origin of the maternal and paternal side. Women and men can do this test. Only for a test of the pure male line we need the samples of a man, this can be e.g. the father, a brother, uncle or cousin. If you do not have a male relative, we recommend our iGENEA Basic Test (DNA-Explorer). If you have such a relative who is willing to give samples, we recommend our iGENEA Premium Test.

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