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Surname Tayloe - Meaning and Origin

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Tayloe: What does the surname Tayloe mean?

The last name Tayloe is of British origin, particularly from the region of England. It is a variant of the surname Taylor, which is derived from the Old French "tailleur" for "tailor" which was originally given as an occupational name to a person who worked as a tailor. The name has a history dating back to the ancient Anglo-Saxon culture of Britain. It is historically known that members of the Tayloe family played a key role in the Norman Conquest of England around 1066, and later emigrated to various parts of Europe, the British colonies, the United States, and other parts of the world. Today, individuals with the surname Tayloe or its variations can be found in many parts of the world, although it is not a common surname. As with many surnames, it's important to note that family names can have different origins or meanings in different cultures and languages. Therefore, while this is one interpretation of the surname Tayloe, it may not hold true for all individuals bearing the name.

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Tayloe: Where does the name Tayloe come from?

The Tayloe surname is most commonly found in the United States. It is particularly common in Southern states and the Mid-Atlantic region.

The highest concentration of the Tayloe name is in Virginia and Maryland, with many early generations of Tayloes settling in these regions. Many of the Tayloe family came to these areas from England during the colonial period, during the early 17th and 18th centuries. During this period many of the family arrived in Virginia and Maryland and moved across the country as pioneers.

The Tayloe surname is also common in states across the Deep South. It is particularly common in cities and towns along the Georgia-Florida border. As time went on, members of the Tayloe family spread throughout the United States.

Today there are several thousand people with the Tayloe surname living in the United States. This number includes people from several different branches of the Tayloe family. Although the Tayloe surname is not as common as it once was, it is still a distinctly recognizable last name, primarily concentrated in the South and Mid-Atlantic states of the United States.

Variations of the surname Tayloe

The surname Tayloe is an Anglicized version of the Irish surname Ó Taidhgluaith, which translates directly to English as “descendant of Taidhgluaith.” The Gaelic given name Taidhgluaith, which is composed of the elements taidhg (meaning “poet” or “philosopher”) andluaith (meaning “elated, proud, haughty”), was once popular among the families of the ancient kingdom of Ulster.

Though Tayloe is the primary spelling of this surname, numerous variants exist. Some of the most commonly seen variants include Tailo, Taillo, Tailoe, and Tailyo. In Scotland, the surname is sometimes spelled as Taylo. In the United States, the surname is often seen spelling with an extra “e” at the end, making it Tayloe.

The MacTaylors are believed to be septs of the Ó Taidhgluaith family. In some documents, the surname is also seen spelled as MacTaylour, Mac Taylor, Taylour, and Taylors.

Also, a number of American variants can be found, such as Tailer, Tayloro, Tayler, Tillow, Tylor, and Tylorow. Despite these spelling variations, all the variants are believed to be derived from the same Irish root.

Famous people with the name Tayloe

  • John Tayloe III: John Tayloe III was a prominent politician, landowner, and planter who was born in 1771 in Richmond County, Virginia. He was a member of the Virginia General Assembly from 1789 to 1801, and later served in the United States House of Representatives from 1817 to 1823.
  • William Tayloe: William Tayloe was an American lawyer and planter from Virginia. He was born in 1800 and died in 1844. He served as a Member of the House of Delegates from 1837 to 1840 and was a member of the Virginia State Senate from 1843 to 1844.
  • Edgar Allen Tayloe: Edgar Allen Tayloe was an American Civil War soldier who rose to the rank of major general in the Confederate States Army. He served as governor of the state of Virginia from 1887 to 1891.
  • Ellen Tayloe Ross: Ellen Tayloe Ross was an American writer who was born in Richmond, Virginia in 1850. She wrote historical novels, biographies, and short stories. Her work included the novel The Scarlet Moth, which was praised by Harper’s Monthly.
  • Jacob Tayloe: Jacob Tayloe was an American soldier who served in the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War and was later a Major in the Virginia militia. He was born in 1745 and died in 1814.
  • Ann-Eve Tayloe: Ann-Eve Tayloe was an American lawyer who earned a place in the annals of legal history when she became the first woman to be admitted to the Virginia bar in 1927. She was born in 1892 and died in 1982.

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