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Surname Taylo - Meaning and Origin

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Taylo: What does the surname Taylo mean?

The last name Taylo is an English name derived from the Old French “taillour” and the Middle English “taylur.” This name was derived from the Old French “taillour” which means “cutter,” and refers to someone who was part of the medieval profession of cutting cloth and clothing. The name then evolved to its English form, “Taylo,” which is sometimes anglicized as “Taylor.”

The surname Taylor is the third most common last name in England and is also quite popular in Europe and in the United States. It is probably most associated with the classic profession of tailor, however, its origins extend to other trades such as leather work, needlework, and carpentry.

The name is a status name and still has associations with trades such as tailoring because some families have held that profession for generations. In addition, many famous people have the last name Taylor, such as Paul Taylor, a famous American dancer and choreographer; Lizzie Taylor, the first woman to become president of the National Education Association; Taylor Swift, the country music superstar and Taylor Momsen, the actress and singer.

Overall, the last name Taylo has a rich history and is associated with skilled professions that require attention to detail. This family name is common in several countries and has been passed down through generations to many people today.

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Taylo: Where does the name Taylo come from?

The last name Taylor is most commonly found in English speaking countries today. In the United States alone, the name is ranked as the fifty-first most popular surname, with over 1.6 million households having the name. It is also the second most common surname in Canada, with over 41,000 households having the name. In England, it is the thirty-sixth most popular surname, with over 6,000 households having the name.

In Australia, the last name Taylor is the ninth most popular name, with over 33,000 households having the name down under. In New Zealand it is the ninth most popular name, with over 17,000 households having the name. The last name Taylor is also commonplace in Scotland, Ireland, and Wales - being the eleventh, twentieth, and twelfth most popular name respectively in those counties.

Moreover, the last name Taylor is also the one of the most common surnames in some other European countries, such as the Netherlands, France, and Germany. In the Netherlands it is the sixth most popular surname, with over 4,500 households having the name. In France it is the twentieth most common surname, with over 20,000 households having the name, and in Germany it is the fourteenth most common surname, with over 16,000 households having the name.

Overall, the last name Taylor is one of the most commonly found surnames in the world today, with over five million households having the name spread across the English speaking countries and some parts of Europe.

Variations of the surname Taylo

The surname Taylo is derived from the Old English personal name Tael or Taille, which refers to 'one who is allied or pledged'. The spelling variations of the family name Taylo include: Taylor, Tayler, Tailor, Tailer, Taylour, Tylor, Tiler, Tylar, Taylar, Tyler, and Taler.

In Scotland, the surname Taylo is often seen as Tailzeour or Tailzour, traceable to the Middle Scots term taillordship, pertaining to a feudal setting even before the Normans. During the Elizabethan period, ´Tayllors´ were known as purveyors and supplier of tailors, a type of masonry mortar commonly used in the construction of castles and estates.

Taylo is also seen as Tailer, derived from the Middle English verb "Tailen" meaning 'to cut'. This form of the name may have been associated with some form of dress-making or tailoring profession.

Additionally, the surname Taylo is seen as Tayler, derived from the Middle English word 'Taylour', an Anglo-Norman occupational name for a tailor. The Scottish form is Taylor or Taillour, which was also derived from the occupation of a tailor.

The variant form of Taylo is Tyler and Tiler. Tyler initially referred to tile-makers but over a period of time, the term was extended to cover any type of workers who lay out and shape things such as tiles, wood flooring or bricks. Tiler is derived from the profession of tilers, who installed such materials as roof tiles, crockery, stone, etc.

Finally, Taylo is seen as Tylar or Tyelar which may have been a "victim" of the dialectal and phonetic spellings which were so common at the time of the Elizabethan and the Jacobean eras. The origins of these variant spellings are uncertain and this may have also been the result of 'folk etymology'.

Famous people with the name Taylo

  • Taylor Swift: Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter and actress known for hit singles such as "Love Story" and "You Belong With Me".
  • Rachael Taylor: Australian actress who gained recognition for roles in Transformers, Cedar Boys, and Shutter.
  • Robert Taylor: Actor best known for roles in Quo Vadis and Ivanhoe.
  • Paul Taylor: British singer and actor who gained fame for hits such as "It's A Sin" and "West End Girls".
  • Garry Taylor: British singer-songwriter best known for album releases such as Closure and Heartland.
  • Ryan Taylor: Professional soccer player who has played on clubs such as Newcastle United and Rotherham United.
  • Elizabeth Taylor: Oscar-winning actress famous for roles in films such as Cleopatra and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
  • Tequila Taylor: American model and actress known for her work in Music Video and Horror films.
  • Steve Taylor: Multi-platinum singer-songwriter who has released popular albums such as Squint and Meltdown.
  • Lorrie Taylor: Veteran actress best known for roles on television series such as Dallas and Knots Landing.

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