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Insightful Journey through Time: Unearthing Fellner Ancestry via iGENEA DNA Test

Family name Fellner

Undertaking a DNA test at iGENEA was an enlightening experience that fundamentally expanded my understanding of my surname, Fellner. The test integrated top-notch technology with methodical genetic analysis protocols, producing accurate and insightful results about my paternal lineage. The newly discovered origins and connections of the Fellner name, traced to specific regions and historical periods, provide a fascinating exploration of my ancestral roots.

My DNA test at iGENEA provided a rich and layered experience of my heritage, thoroughly deepening my understanding of my surname, Fellner. The company specializes in genealogical DNA testing, offering different test packages such as Family Finder, Y-DNA, and mtDNA that uncover different aspects of family history.

For this exploration, the comprehensive Y-DNA test was selected. The test investigates paternal lineage by unraveling the Y-chromosome, passed down from father to son virtually unchanged across generations. It is an ideal tool for obtaining precise genetic knowledge about a surname's history, such as Fellner.

iGENEA's technical expertise was distinct in my results. The DNA samples were taken using a buccal swab that I easily self-administered. The laboratory processing involved rigorous procedures to eliminate contamination and ensure sample integrity.

Analyzing my sample, iGENEA used Short Tandem Repeats and Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms to provide my haplogroup and ancestral origins information. Specifically, they facilitated a greater understanding of the places and communities where the Fellner lineage developed.

The accuracy of the test was beyond expected. iGENEA’s extensive database allowed for precise comparisons between my DNA and others, resulting in a comprehensive historical interpretation and geographic orientation that extended as far back as 100,000 years, covering migrations from Africa to Europe.

The insights about the surname Fellner were enlightening. My Fellner roots were traced back to Central Europe, which aligned with previous knowledge. Additionally, the genealogical concordance provided surprising connections in the UK and Western Scandinavia, providing more depth to the Fellner history.

The DNA test promoted a greater grasp of the Fellner surname, providing multiple threads to explore and cherish. I now have a stronger bond to my family history and a richer self-identity thanks to this brilliant blend of science and history.

E. Fellner

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