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The DNA profile of Woodrow Wilson

Are you related to the 28th President of the United States?

Discover a possible family connection to the 28th President of the United States and compare yourself to many other famous people as well!

The DNA of the 28th President of the USA

Woodrow Wilson, the 28th president of the United States, was not only a central player during World War I and the peace negotiations that followed, but also a key figure in the progressive era of American politics. His life's journey, marked by academic and political passion, is closely tied to his background and family.

Born on December 28, 1856, in Staunton, Virginia, Wilson grew up in a scholarly household. His father, Joseph Ruggles Wilson, was a Presbyterian minister and theologian. In the period leading up to and during the Civil War, the family espoused the Confederate cause, which certainly influenced Wilson's views on race and the South.

Wilson obtained his undergraduate academic education at the College of New Jersey, now known as Princeton University. He later studied law at the University of Virginia and history at Johns Hopkins University. Before diving into politics, Wilson was president of Princeton and governor of New Jersey.

In 1902, he married Ellen Louise Axson, and the couple had three daughters. Ellen's death in 1914 was a major blow to Wilson, but he later married Edith Bolling Galt, who played a central role in his presidency, especially after he suffered a severe stroke in 1919.

During his tenure as president (1913-1921), Wilson implemented a number of progressive reforms, including the establishment of the federal tax system and the creation of the Federal Reserve. His commitment to the League of Nations after World War I, although ultimately rejected by the Senate, reflected his vision for a new world order.

Woodrow Wilson remains a complex and sometimes controversial figure in American history. His legacy - a blend of domestic reform and foreign policy idealism - was strongly influenced by his Southern roots, deep religiosity, and close family ties.

Woodrow Wilson belonged to haplogroup R-M343 (subgroup R-Z30597) in the paternal line.

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Unfolding My Hidden Ancestry with iGENEA: A Surprising Connection to Woodrow Wilson

Delving into a past shrouded in obscurity, I submitted a DNA test to iGENEA and revealed a surprising connection to former U.S. President, Woodrow Wilson. An adventure through my ancestry that proved to be intriguing, enlightening, and seamlessly facilitated by iGENEA. (C. Ritters)

I took the leap and submitted my DNA for genetic testing through iGENEA, driven by a sense of intrigue about my ancestral heritage. The processing journey itself was straightforward and seamless, and the customer service was impeccable. iGENEA facilitated the process from start to finish with thorough instructions and friendly support responses.

The kit arrived promptly, encased in professional packaging with a simple yet comprehensive set of instructions on how to collect a suitable DNA sample. I was pleasantly surprised by the ease of the process; a painless and straightforward cheek swab sufficed. I returned my sample in the provided prepaid packaging with minimal effort and waited with great anticipation for the results.

Receiving my DNA analysis was akin to unveiling a unique map of my ancestral past. The iGENEA web interface is intuitive and user-friendly, presenting findings in an enlightening, digestible format. The results were also complemented by a comprehensive overview of the migratory paths of my ancestors and their cultural histories—a detail that added tangible depth and dimension to understanding my lineage.

The pinnacle of my iGENEA experience manifested when I unearthed an unexpected strand of my ancestral tapestry. The report sparklingly pointed out that my lineage shared common ancestors with the 28th U.S. President, Woodrow Wilson. The connection was far from obvious; it was a past shrouded in oblivion until illuminated by iGENEA’s genetic testing. It was an inspiring revelation that sparked detailed research and endless fascinating family conversations.

In conclusion, my journey with iGENEA uncovered more than just my genetic makeup. It ended up unravelling hidden chapters of my family stepping out from the shadows of oblivion. My experience was not only educational but also life-changing, prompting me to fully appreciate my intricate heritage. I would recommend iGENEA to anyone seeking a deeper understanding of their ancestral past.

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