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The DNA profile of William Harvey

Are you related to the famous English doctor?

Discover a possible family connection with the famous English doctor and also compare yourself with many other famous people!

The DNA of a famous English doctor

William Harvey, born in 1578, was an English physician and anatomist best known for his groundbreaking discovery of the circulatory system. His research and findings revolutionized medicine and paved the way for modern cardiology studies.

Harvey was from Folkestone, Kent, and was born into a wealthy family. He was the eldest of nine children of Thomas Harvey, a successful businessman and local councillor, and his wife, Joane. His family's financial security enabled Harvey to enjoy an extensive education. He studied at Caius College, Cambridge, and continued his medical education at the famed University of Padua Medical Center in Italy, where he studied under the renowned anatomist Giovanni Battista Morgagni.

Upon his return to England in 1602, Harvey began his medical practice in London and later became the royal physician to King James I and later to King Charles I. During his service as a physician, he conducted intensive studies of the human body, particularly the heart and blood flow.

His revolutionary discoveries were published in 1628 in his work "De Motu Cordis" (On the Movement of the Heart and Blood). Here he described in detail how the heart acts as a pump and the blood flows through the body in a continuous circuit - an idea that challenged and overturned previous medical theories.

On a personal level, Harvey was married twice but had no children. He was a man of deep curiosity and scientific integrity, often described as modest and self-effacing.

In William Harvey, we see a pioneer who had the courage to investigate and understand the human body in new ways, despite the prevailing opinions and beliefs of his time. His legacy is a shining example of scientific brilliance and an unwavering search for truth.

William Harvey belonged to haplogroup E-M96 in the paternal line.

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Unraveling Ancestral Ties: My Empowering Journey of Discovery with iGENEA DNA Testing

Discovering my ancestral roots with iGENEA was a fascinating journey, filled with anticipation, enlightenment and surprise corners acquainting me with William Harvey's lineage in my family tree. (W. McKim)

When I embarked on the journey of unearthing my ancestral origins with iGENEA, a Switzerland-based DNA testing company, I wasn't anticipating the surprises that awaited me. The comprehensive DNA testing process that iGENEA offered drew me in straight away. The straightforward procedure, insightful yet straightforward user interface, and the detailed breakdown of the DNA results left me thoroughly impressed.

Nervously, I sent my saliva sample, and eagerly anticipated the results. The waiting period may seem a bit long, but the rich tapestry of information that greets you at the end makes it worthwhile. I appreciated the frequent status updates and the transparency that iGENEA provided throughout the process.

When my results arrived, I was stunned to discover deep-seated roots that traced back to the infamously brilliant English physician, William Harvey. Known for his discovery of the circulation of blood in human body, this revelation of sharing a common ancestor with such a historical figure was overwhelmingly emotional. It was as if I had reached down into history and touched hands with this man of his age.

iGENEA had not only traced my ancestry but had also breathed to life tales of bygone times. The discovery was exceptional and exhilarating, adding a newfound sense of vibrancy to my perception of my family history. Accessing this lineage injected me with a sense of pride, gratification, and curiosity about my ancestors. Although it sounds like a cliché, I felt a newly forged connection to human history.

In all, the DNA test journey with iGENEA was an enriching, educational, and life-changing experience. The wonders they manage to unearth through DNA testing are truly spell-binding. The comprehensive, easy-to-follow process, insightful reports, and surprises in store make it a satisfying experience. I highly recommend iGENEA for anyone interested in delving deep into their ancestral roots. It's worth every penny!

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