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The DNA profile of Maria Theresa of Austria

Are you related to Maria Theresa of Austria?

Discover a possible family connection with the Archduchess of Austria and also compare yourself with many other famous people!

The DNA of an Archduchess of Austria

Maria Theresa, also known as Maria Theresa of Austria or Maria Theresa of Habsburg, was an important European ruler of the 18th century. She was a woman of great historical significance who came to the throne at a time of great political upheaval and successfully modernized the Habsburg Empire through a series of reforms.

Born in Vienna on May 13, 1717, Maria Theresa was the eldest daughter of Emperor Charles VI and Elizabeth Christine of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel after the Peace of Prague in 1716. As the only daughter of Charles VI, Maria Theresa represented the heiress to the extensive lands and titles of the House of Habsburg, including the Austrian hereditary lands and crowns of Bohemia, Hungary, and Croatia.

However, this led to numerous conflicts as the male rulers of Europe challenged her right to the throne of the Habsburg monarchy in particular, which ultimately led to the War of the Austrian Succession. However, Maria Theresa successfully demonstrated her assertiveness and political skills during the bitter fighting and succeeded in securing the Austrian hereditary lands and Habsburg rule.

Maria Theresa emerged as one of the most prominent and popular rulers of her time. She entered several reforms with regard to education, agriculture, crafts, trade and the armed forces. She set new standards especially in terms of educational policy and worked closely here with the Enlightenment philosopher and pedagogue Johann Ignaz von Felbiger.

Despite her significant achievements, Maria Theresa's reign also had its dark sides. She was a staunch Catholic and during her reign pursued a policy of intolerance toward other religions, especially Protestants and Jews.

Maria Theresa's marriage to Francis Stephen of Lorraine was extremely successful politically and produced 16 children, including some of the most famous monarchs in history, such as Joseph II, Leopold II, and Marie Antoinette, the infamous Queen of France.

Maria Theresa died at the age of 63 on November 29, 1780 in Vienna. Her legacy is permanently etched in the history of Europe and her influence is still wielded today in the city of Vienna and throughout Austria. As a monarch, she was an extraordinary woman of her time and her name remains a symbol of the strength and progress of the Habsburg Empire. Her descendants maintained control over much of Europe until the end of World War I, and her genes significantly influenced European nobility. Maria Theresa remains one of the greatest rulers of Europe.

Maria Theresa belonged to haplogroup H in the maternal line.

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Shared Ancestry with Maria Theresia – Monumental Discovery with iGENEA DNA Test

Recently, a journey with iGENEA’s DNA test led to an astonishing discovery. The DNA test confirmed shared ancestors with Maria Theresia, the iconic European ruler. This humbling revelation was both empowering and overwhelming, and this review recaps the intriguing saga. (F. Dietlmeier)

Engaging with iGENEA for genealogy and ancestry research has led me down the inspiring yet emotional path of genetic discovery. Ordering the DNA test from their website was a straightforward process, and the subsequent steps were explained clearly. Not very long after I sent my DNA sample to their lab, I received an email notification of my results, stirring in me a thrilling excitement.

What followed was an incredible revelation that I shared common ancestors with Maria Theresia, an iconic European ruler. This information was, frankly, a jolt to my system, a bolt from blue that had thrown me for a loop. I was astounded, unsure of how to react. While I understand that this doesn't inherently make me European nobility, it’s empowering to think of such a distinguished woman in my lineage.

iGENEA’s extensive database was invaluable in uncovering this boggling connection. Their genetic experts traced my lineage back through countless generations, linking my DNA to that of Maria Theresia. Their precise, impartial science left no room for doubt. I was further floored by the amount of data they were able to extract from my DNA, weaving together threads of history and heritage into an enriching genetic tapestry.

Their customer support also deserves a special mention. From the moment of my query to the subsequent correspondences, the team's dedication was evident. They were incredibly supportive, patiently addressing all my concerns and making me feel valued as a customer. Each email exchange was informative and enlightening, arriving promptly, eliminating the anxiety often associated with waiting for such crucial information.

While it's an exhilarating experience, delving into one's ancestry through DNA tests has its weight and gravity. It’s a poignant mix of discovery, delight, shock and trepidation. You embark on an intimate voyage of self-understanding where the results can be heartening or startling. iGENEA navigates you through this emotional whirlwind with expertise, precision, and warmth.

In retrospect, undertaking this journey with iGENEA has broadened my understanding of my roots and the dynamics of human lineage. It’s not every day that you find such deep connections to influential figures from history. Now every time I read about Maria Theresia, I feel an indescribable bond.

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