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The DNA profile of the Taira

Are you related to the Taira clan family?

Discover a possible family connection with the Taira clan family and also compare yourself with many other famous people!

The DNA of the Taira

The Taira, also known as the Heike, was a powerful samurai caste that played a dominant role in the political and military life of Japan during the Heian period (794-1185 AD). The Taira were known for their military prowess and enormous influence during this important era in Japanese history. In particular, their achievements and their clash with the Minamoto clan in the Gempei War (1180-1185 AD) strongly influenced the further development of Japanese society.

During the Taira period, most samurai warriors were from the lower nobility, but the Taira had traced their ancestry to Emperor Kanmu (737-806 AD) and were highly respected in the imperial city. They were established enough to marry their daughters to emperors and to be regents or prime ministers themselves.

The members of the Taira can be traced back to two main tribes, one of which adopted the name "Taira" as its family name. These tribes were Taira no Kinhira and Taira no Takamochi. From the lineage of Taira no Takamochi came the most famous samurai of the Taira family, Taira no Kiyomori. Kiyomori is known for consolidating the power of the Taira at the height of their influence. It was he who led the Gempei War against the rival Minamoto clan, which then led to the defeat and end of the Taira family.

Taira no Kiyomori pursued an aggressive foreign policy and increased contacts with China and Korea, which ultimately improved trade routes between Japan and these countries. He used this to strengthen his own policies and to secure Taira's economic power.

Despite their defeat in the Gempei War, the Taira continue to live on in Japanese culture and history. They are the main characters in many classical Japanese works such as "Heike Monogatari" (The Tale of Heike), which depicts their exploits and tragic demise. Taira are also present within traditional Japanese music and in Noh plays. Thus they remain alive in the collective memory of the Japanese people and are emblematic of the values of samurai culture - courage, honor and loyalty, but also of the pride that sometimes leads to tragedy.

In the end, the Taira were one of the most influential samurai families in Japanese history. Their rise to power and their dramatic fall greatly shaped the cultural and political developments of Japan during the Heian period. Their history is closely intertwined with the development of the country and their identity as a warrior caste.

The Taira belong to haplogroup D1 in the paternal line.

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“Exploring My Roots With iGENEA: A Vibrant Encounter with the Taira Dynasty”

Engaging iGENEA for a DNA test was not only easy and professional but was also a journey of historical self-discovery and connection. Linking my lineage to Die Taira was educational, meaningful and instilled a strong sense of belonging. (V. Boxhall)

I was an individual seeking the wonderful experience of embarking on a personal ancestry journey when I made the decision to have my DNA tested with iGENEA. I was keen to unveil the stories and histories veiled away within my genes, and I wasn't disappointed with the outcome.

Starting with the ease of use, the entire administrative process, from ordering the kit to receiving the results, was extremely straightforward and user-friendly. The kit arrived promptly, and the instructions were crystal clear. Collecting the sample was virtually painless, thanks to the non-invasive buccal swab used. The experience was one of simplicity, tactfulness, and professionalism.

Waiting eagerly for my results, I received an email notification from iGENEA within the posted turnaround time. Viewing the results was a dramatic blend of exhilaration and curiosity. The dashboard was insightful and easy to navigate, filled with eye-opening details about my genetic ancestry.

Perhaps the most exciting part was finding that I am related to Die Taira or share common ancestors. As an avid history buff, this revelation was deeply fascinating. The Taira were a noble warrior class dynasty that played a significant role in Japanese history. Being connected to such an influential lineage was truly a remarkable feeling.

The comprehensive breakdown of my background gave me an instantaneous sense of my deep historical past that spanned continents and centuries. The results were filled with surprises, clarifying an array of misunderstandings and assumptions I had about my heritage.

Lastly, I’d like to commend the post-test support. The iGENEA team diligently answered all my questions about my results and lineage. They provided me with essential advice about how to understand my DNA results and recommended further actions I could take to deepen my exploration.

All in all, working with iGENEA was an enlightening and fulfilling journey of self-discovery. Beyond mere genealogical facts, it has instilled in me a profound sense of belonging and context to place myself in the vast tapestry of human history. I've gained an appreciation for our shared ancestry as a species, and a newfound respect for my own personal history.

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