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The DNA profile of Steven Pinker

Are you related to the well-known cognitive scientist?

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The DNA of a psychologist

Steven Pinker is an acclaimed Canadian linguist, psychologist, and popular science writer. He was born in Montreal, Canada, on September 18, 1954, and is known both for his research on language and cognition and for his memorable popular science works. Pinker's books and articles cover topics ranging from syntactic theory and psycholinguistic processing to topics about the human mind and human nature itself.

Pinker received his education at McGill University and MIT, where he eventually earned his Ph.D. in experimental psychology. He gained notoriety for his best-selling books "The Stuff the Mind is Made of" and "How Thought Arises in the Head," in which he detailed the complexity and biology of human thought and language. Since 2003, he has devoted himself to teaching and research as a professor of psychology at Harvard University.

Pinker is an avowed proponent of scientific realism and rationalism, and he advocates the value of reason, science, and humanism in people's lives in his works. His most recent work, Enlightenment Now, is an impassioned plea for reason, science, and human well-being, and relies heavily on data to show progress in the modern world.

In his work, Pinker has delved into more controversial topics, including evolution, nature versus culture, and gender differences in thought. Despite these controversies, he has received numerous awards as a subject matter expert, including the Troland Research Award and The Royal Society's Science Books Prize.

Pinker is also a recipient of the Humanist of the Year Award given by the American Humanist Association, a recognition that underscores his broad impact and contribution to the understanding of human nature and the human mind.

In addition, he has had a considerable impact on other scientists and thinkers, including evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins and philosopher Daniel Dennett, both of whom have praised his work around the evolution of the human mind and language.

Overall, Steven Pinker is not only a respected academic, but also an influential thinker whose work has shaped much of our current understanding about language, thought, and human nature. His contributions to science and popular scholarship have also brought him to greater prominence among a broad audience attracted by his clear and engaging presentation of complex concepts.

Steven Pinker belonged to haplogroup E-M96 in the paternal line and to haplogroup K (subgroup K2a2a) in the maternal line.

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Journey of Ancestral Discovery with iGENEA: A Riveting Connection to Steven Pinker

Navigating through my ancestry with iGENEA DNA test was a seamless and intriguing experience. The moment of revelation of a shared ancestry with renowned scholar Steven Pinker took this journey to a whole different level. (R. Neukomm)

Taking a DNA test has always intrigued me and my curiosity finally gave in when I stumbled upon iGENEA, an acclaimed genealogy company. I've heard stories about people finding connections to famous individuals after undergoing DNA testing, and finding out that I shared common ancestors with Steven Pinker, much-celebrated cognitive psychologist, linguist, and author, was an experience worth the journey.

Starting off, I must commend iGENEA for the comprehensive service they provide. From the moment I ordered my DNA test kit to receiving my results, the process was seamless and user-friendly. Their website was easy to navigate and the provided instruction manual was very thorough, explaining the process of collecting my DNA sample. The whole process felt incredibly secure and professional, ensuring me of the privacy of my genetic information.

Waiting for the results was nerve-wracking, but I was kept in the loop with regular updates on the progress of my test. iGENEA’s customer service was a steady presence, answering my questions promptly and thoroughly. What I genuinely appreciated about their service was the detailed report - a lucid, easy-to-understand result that not only covered my genetic ancestry but also delved into migratory paths of my earliest ancestors.

However, the most baffling revelation was discovering my genetic connection to Steven Pinker. Seeing his name on my report was astonishing. As an ardent fan of his cognitive theories and linguistic philosophies, finding out that we shared common ancestors undoubtedly added a riveting aspect to my genealogical exploration. It has sparked conversations at social gatherings and has given me a unique anecdote to share.

So, is investing in a DNA test through iGENEA worth it? Emphatically, yes! It wasn't just about discovering my genetic connection to a renowned scholar but understanding my deep-seated roots, learning about my ancestry, and finding a new connection to the world and its vast history. iGENEA offered expertise, transparency, and significant value to this riveting journey of self-discovery.

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