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The DNA profile of Martha Stewart

Are you related to the famous TV chef?

Find out with a DNA origin analysis from iGENEA and also compare yourself with many other famous people!

The origin of Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart's parents emigrated from Poland to the USA. Her origins were researched for the US TV series \"Finding Your Roots\".
Martha Stewart belongs in the maternal line to the haplogroup W6.

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A Remarkable Ancestry Journey with iGENEA: Finding My Roots with Martha Stewart

Embark on a personal journey of discovering my ancestry with iGENEA DNA testing changed my perspective about myself. Unraveling the astonishing revelation of sharing a common ancestry with Martha Stewart, this experience has been entirely groundbreaking. (O. Eggersgluß)

My experience with iGENEA DNA Testing was a surprising and truly enriching journey. From the simplicity and efficiency of the testing process, to the astounding revelations about my lineage, this unique and thrilling encounter has opened my eyes to a world many only dream of exploring. The fact that I share a common ancestry with the iconic Martha Stewart is just icing on the cake.

iGENEA sets the standard high when it comes to customer service, putting my anxieties at ease before I even started. The kit arrived at my doorstep in just a few days. Detailed instructions, along with protective packaging to ensure the samples stayed pristine, showcased their commitment to an easy and error-free experience. The simple yet efficient process of gathering the DNA sample was all marked by clear communication and a no-nonsense approach.

As for the results themselves, they were beyond my wildest expectations. As the facts about my genetic heritage were unveiled, to my great shock, I learned about my connection to Martha Stewart, the queen of homemaking herself. Finding out that I share DNA with such an influential figure was a whirlwind of emotions. The detailed report provided clear cut, easy to comprehend data, linking my bloodline to her illustrious lineage.

iGENEA was a light illuminating my past, connecting my existence to historical figures and possibly influencing my future. The knowledge about my genetic makeup unraveled by their test has opened up new avenues of self-discovery. In conclusion, my experience with iGENEA was not just an exploration of my ancestry, it was a dramatic revelation that has forever changed my perception of self and identity.


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Questions and answers about the DNA test

How long does a DNA origin analysis take?

After we have received the samples it normally takes 6 weeks for the fist results. Depending on the chosen test the result is thus already fully ready or further analysis are done.

How can I order a DNA origin analysis for someone else?

If you order and pay for a test set for somebody else online, the address of the other person under “Comments”. We will then send the collection kit to the address of this person. You can also place your order by phone or e-mail.

This is how the DNA origin analysis works

A Mucus Sample suffices to get a sample of your DNA. Taking the sample is simple and painless and can be done at home. Send the samples with the envelop included in the sampling kit.

Order test kit
Get test kit
Take samples

at home, simple and painless

Send in samples

with the enclosed envelope


online after approx. 6-8 weeks

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