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The DNA profile of Thomas Jefferson

Are you related to the 3rd President of the United States?

Find out with a DNA origin analysis from iGENEA and also compare yourself with many other famous people!

The affair of the president

In 1998, probably the most famous DNA analysis case to date was solved with a Y-chromosome test: Was Thomas Jefferson the father of the children of his slave Sally Hemmings? The DNA of five descendants of Thomas Jefferson's paternal uncle, Field Jefferson, were analyzed in this case to examine the Y-chromosome profile of this family. Direct paternal descendants of Sally Hemmings' son served as a comparison. John Weeks Jefferson, the only living descendant of Eston Hemmings, confirmed with his Y chromosome that both families belonged to the same paternal line.
Thomas Jefferson belonged to haplogroup T in the paternal line.

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An Enlightening Genetic Journey with iGENEA: Discovering a Connection to Thomas Jefferson

Discovering my unique genetic makeup through iGENEA's DNA test was an enlightening journey, leading me to find out about an unexpected connection with the third U.S. President, Thomas Jefferson. (Y. St Martin)

My experience with the DNA testing at iGENEA was truly exceptional, and ventured beyond my wildest expectations. I initially decided to delve into my family's past due to a curious mix of interest in genealogy and a long-held fascination with genetics. The procedure offered by iGENEA was incredibly straightforward and this effortless simplicity extended to every aspect of their service.

The ordered DNA kit arrived promptly. It consisted of a cheek swab and an uncomplicated set of instructions, which were easy to follow. The process was painless, quick, and efficient. After I had sent my sample back, the anticipation only built as I looked forward to my results.

The unveiling of the results was as enlightening as it was exciting. My inherited mix of genes was traced back through centuries and across continents, clearly laying out each step taken by my ancestors. The biggest surprise however was that somehow, I was related to none other than the third U.S. President, Thomas Jefferson! I was fascinated by this connection and eager to discover how my family history intertwined with his.

The surprise didn't end there. iGENEA's comprehensive report also provided an in-depth backdrop of historical context to go along with my genetic breakdown. Every bit of information was neatly presented, easily accessible, and simple to understand. This made my journey back in time a fascinating, educative, and exciting endeavor.

iGENEA also offered a platform for me to connect with potential relatives from around the world. It’s amazing to think that not too long ago, before the advent of modern technology, such discoveries would have been impossible. iGENEA definitely opened doors into my past that I don't think would have otherwise been accessible.

In conclusion, the entire experience with iGENEA, from the initial test to processing and ultimately the revealing of results, has been nothing short of thrilling.


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Questions and answers about the DNA test

How long does a DNA origin analysis take?

After we have received the samples it normally takes 6 weeks for the fist results. Depending on the chosen test the result is thus already fully ready or further analysis are done.

How can I order a DNA origin analysis for someone else?

If you order and pay for a test set for somebody else online, the address of the other person under “Comments”. We will then send the collection kit to the address of this person. You can also place your order by phone or e-mail.

This is how the DNA origin analysis works

A Mucus Sample suffices to get a sample of your DNA. Taking the sample is simple and painless and can be done at home. Send the samples with the envelop included in the sampling kit.

Order test kit
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Take samples

at home, simple and painless

Send in samples

with the enclosed envelope


online after approx. 6-8 weeks

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