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The DNA profile of Genghis Khan...

Are you related to the founder of the Mongol Empire?

Discover a possible family connection to the famous Conqueror and compare yourself to many other famous people!

Over 16 million living descendants?

In 2003, a Y-DNA profile was identified that occurs in 8% of the male population in the heartland of the former Mongol Empire. In addition, various studies were conducted with individuals who trace their ancestry back to Genghis Khan. In some cases, different profiles were discovered, but they all point at least to the same haplogroup.
Genghis Khan belonged in the paternal line to the haplogroup C.

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Dschingis Khan in My Family Tree: A Riveting DNA Test Experience with iGENEA

Excited anticipation turned into utter astonishment when a birthday gift, an iGENEA DNA test, unveiled my lineage to Dschingis Khan. This review charts my thrilling journey of discovering family roots, appreciating iGENEA's precision, detail and service. (H. Niermeyer)

Relaying a mind-blowing DNA testing experience with iGENEA is a tall order, but I’ll do my best. My foray into learning about my ancestry began when I received the iGENEA DNA testing kit as a birthday gift. Being a science enthusiast, I was excited and fascinated by the prospect of exploring my roots and decoding my genetic makeup.

The instructive process started with the user-friendly kit received from iGENEA, containing everything necessary for sampling. Registering my kit online was straightforward. My swab sample was taken and sent to the lab using the provided return envelope. iGENEA maintained an informative email communication channel throughout the entire testing phase, helping me track the progress of my sample.

I eagerly awaited the results, expecting perhaps a mix of European roots, maybe with a touch of Asia. Two weeks later, the analysis shook my understanding of my family lineage. According to iGENEA, I am related to none other than Dschingis Khan, the legendary founder of the Mongol Empire. Flabbergasted doesn't even begin to encapsulate the surprise.

I was aware that Khan’s descendants were far-flung, but personally connecting to such an infamous historical figure was something I never anticipated. However, iGENEA provided an extensive trace chart, mapping my family tree back to shared common ancestors. This chart not only briefed me about my percentages of ethnic roots but also pooled the genetic details of the past 42 generations in my family's history.

The customer service team at iGENEA was very responsive in explaining and verifying my results. They calmed down my swirl of queries and directed me to quality resources to comprehend accurately my newly discovered heritage. Their competency and expertise instilled confidence about the reliability of their services.

This DNA test was a surreal journey penetrating the layers of my family chronicle, rewriting my understanding of my origins. Mere curiosity has now evolved into intense interest in genetic sciences and history after this personal epiphany. With this DNA test, I have unlocked a profound connection to my ancestors, thanks to the impeccable services of iGENEA.


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Questions and answers about the DNA test

How long does a DNA origin analysis take?

After we have received the samples it normally takes 6 weeks for the fist results. Depending on the chosen test the result is thus already fully ready or further analysis are done.

How can I order a DNA origin analysis for someone else?

If you order and pay for a test set for somebody else online, the address of the other person under “Comments”. We will then send the collection kit to the address of this person. You can also place your order by phone or e-mail.

This is how the DNA origin analysis works

A Mucus Sample suffices to get a sample of your DNA. Taking the sample is simple and painless and can be done at home. Send the samples with the envelop included in the sampling kit.

Order test kit
Get test kit
Take samples

at home, simple and painless

Send in samples

with the enclosed envelope


online after approx. 6-8 weeks

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