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The DNA profile of Clan Sutherland

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Die DNA des Clan Sutherland

Clan Sutherland is one of the best known and oldest Scottish Highland clans and has been part of the rich and diverse culture of Scotland for centuries. With its strong and distinguished pedigree and impressive history, Clan Sutherland is invaluable to the national heritage of this country.

Historically, Clan Sutherland was dominated by the powerful Jarls of Orkney, members of the Norwegian aristocracy that held control over the northern parts of Scotland, particularly the Orkney and Shetland Islands, in the 12th and 13th centuries. In fact, the name 'Sutherland' comes from the Norwegian language and means 'south country', as it lay to the south from the point of view of the Orkney Islands.

The genealogical relationships of Clan Sutherland are broad and complex, tracing back to strong individuals such as Hugh, son of Freskin, and William, son of Freskin, who led the Sutherlands to wealth and influence. These fascinating historical relationships have led Clan Sutherland to occupy a dominant place in Scottish society over the centuries.

Clan Sutherland has a rich and diverse family tree that documents the history of clan leadership from Hugh, son of Freskin, to the most recent 24th clan chief, Elizabeth Millicent Sutherland. The clan's family crest, which features a savage ("michel") holding a shield with a tripartite shield flanked by two savages with clubs, is a symbol of strength and permanence. The motto 'Sans Peur', translated 'Without Fear', is also a powerful statement expressing the determination, bravery and resolve of the members of Clan Sutherland throughout the centuries.

Over the centuries, Clan Sutherland has shown a willingness to defend its territorial and social position in Scotland, as evidenced by their participation in several important battles and conflicts, including the Battle of Bannockburn and the Battle of Flodden Field. Clan Sutherland often stood boldly and resolutely for their rights and made important contributions to the history and culture of Scotland.

In summary, Clan Sutherland has a remarkable heritage and rich history characterized by its Norse roots, strong and diverse pedigree, and association with a unique haplogenetic group. The clan remains a highly respected symbol of what it means to be Scottish, giving both members of the clan and all of Scotland a reason to be proud of their shared history. The Clans of Scotland, especially Clan Sutherland, are not only witnesses to the past, but also keys to the future, helping to preserve Scottish culture, traditions and identities.

The Clan Sutherland belongs to the haplogroup R-M343 (subgroup R-BY67446) in the paternal line.

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Unveiling My Roots: A Review of My iGENEA DNA Test Experience & Discovery of Clan Sutherland Connection

My experience with iGENEA's DNA test processing, unfolded an intriguing journey into my ancestry revealing my connection to the historic Clan Sutherland, unleashing an overwhelming mix of elation and fulfilment. (P. Rubbery)

A journey into my past through a DNA test embarked upon with iGENEA opened a fascinating portal into my ancestry. This wasn't just an endeavour to satisfy my curiosity but a quest to weave together pieces of the mysterious puzzle that is my bloodline. The team at iGENEA proved to be apt guides on this adventure, ensuring user-friendly collection, seamless communication and an efficient processing of my DNA specimen.

They provided a comprehensive test kit that was easy to use, along with clear instructions, dispelling any apprehension I had. The cheek swab was comfortable, and the return packaging was prepaid and convenient to dispatch. Throughout the process, iGENEA maintained an open line of communication which instilled trust and confidence in their services.

Their genetic analysis provided jaw-dropping revelations. Imagine discovering that you are indeed linked to the highland warriors’ Clan Sutherland – an unparalleled euphoria surged at the discovery. My connection to this clan, known for their bravery and wisdom, was not just a validation but a revelation that evoked a strange sense of fulfilment.

The robust lineage report provided by iGENEA was replete with history and fascinating facts about the clan’s noble missions, their prominent feats and their struggles. Details of the Clan Sutherland, their clan badge, tartan, crest and their motto “Sans Peur” gave me a holistic view of my ancestral heritage. It was like walking through a corridor of time that brought me face to face with individuals who shared my DNA centuries ago. I was rendered speechless at the wealth of information compiled and presented by iGENEA.

The process didn’t end with the revelation of my lineage; instead it gave me an entrance into a global community where I could connect with potential genetic matches. It has been a rewarding exploration into uncharted territories of my past, and it wouldn't have been possible without the commendable dedication and expertise exhibited by iGENEA. My experience was exceptional. A psychological fulfillment accompanies the knowledge of one's origin, and I wholeheartedly appreciate iGENEA for facilitating this experience. Undoubtedly, iGENEA is paving the way for a revolutionary understanding of human ancestry and connection.

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