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The DNA profile of Calvin Coolidge

Are you related to the 30 President of the United States?

Discover a possible family connection with the famous president and also compare yourself with many other famous people!

The DNA of an American President

Calvin Coolidge, born July 4, 1872, and died January 5, 1933, was the 30th president of the United States. His presidency from 1923 to 1929 marked the "Roaring Twenties," a time of relative prosperity and cultural innovation in America. A strong believer in laissez-faire economics, he is often associated with the economic boom of the 1920s that ended in the Great Depression.

Coolidge was born in Plymouth Notch, Vermont, the son of John Calvin Coolidge Sr. and Victoria Josephine Moor. His family traditionally farmed and actively participated in the community. The Coolidges can trace a long line of New Englanders who lived in the New England area until the early 17th century.

Calvin Coolidge was originally a lawyer and began his political career in the state of Massachusetts. After holding various offices in the state, he was elected governor in 1919. In 1920, he was elected as vice president alongside President Warren G. Harding. After Harding's sudden death in 1923, Coolidge became president and won the presidential election in 1924 to secure a full term. During his presidency, Coolidge was known for his conservative leadership style and his efforts to reduce taxes and cut budgets to encourage business and stimulate the economy.

Coolidge is also known for his character and personality. Known as "Silent Cal" for his quiet and reserved nature, he was known for saying little and choosing his words carefully. He was a strong counterbalance to the flamboyant personalities and excessive lifestyles that often characterized the Roaring Twenties.

One of his best-known actions during his presidency was to veto a number of bills, including those in support of farmers, that he viewed as overstepping federal authority. Under his leadership, the nation prospered until it began to receive signals of an impending economic downturn in the latter part of his presidency.

After leaving office, Coolidge retired from public life and wrote an autobiography as well as columns and articles on public affairs. Before his death in 1933, he left a lasting impact on American politics, promoting economic principles and an attitude toward governance that continue to shape the Republican Party and conservative ideologies today.

Overall, Coolidge's presidency marked a time of growth and progress in the United States, and he embodied an ideal of the conservative statesman who believes in personal responsibility and limited government. His legacy and ideas have influenced a wide range of politicians and thinkers, and his positive influence on American history remains unquestioned.

Calvin Coolidge belonged to haplogroup I-M170 in the paternal line.

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Discovering My Bloodline Runs Presidential - An Unforgettable DNA-Test Experience with iGENEA

Exploring my ancestry turned into an enlightening journey when iGENEA's DNA test divulged an unexpected connection with Calvin Coolidge, the 30th President of the United States. The process was seamless, informative, and instigated curiosity in my family's heritage. (K. Brauner)

Delving into my ancestry has always been a desire of mine. To satisfy my curiosity, I decided to undergo a DNA test with iGENEA. The process was smooth and exciting; it revolutionized my understanding of genealogy, my ancestry, and my distant connection to Calvin Coolidge.

My DNA swab kit arrived promptly after I placed the order online. The instructions were clear and concise, and I was able to collect my DNA sample easily and painlessly. I shipped it back using the prepaid envelope and waited eagerly for the results.

iGENEA's customer service was exceptional. Their staff members were accommodating, promptly answering my queries and giving me regular updates about the processing of my DNA. I was also impressed with their online platform, which was user-friendly and informative.

When my results arrived, they were presented in a detailed and comprehensive report. It revealed fascinating insights into my ethnic origins and heritage. Reflections and revelations I never expected, but was thrilled to discern.

My biggest shock came when the report showed a distant relation to Calvin Coolidge, the 30th President of the United States. To say that the discovery was surreal would be an understatement.

I was immediately fascinated and delved deeper into my unusually impressive roots. The report offered insightful details about my lineage, tracing back to the same distant ancestors as President Coolidge's. It was an unexpected discovery and it fueled my curiosity further, opening an exciting avenue for me to learn more about my heritage.

As I shared my results with my family members, their reactions were ones of disbelief and intrigue. This immediately prompted a larger discussion about our roots and aspirations to dig deeper into our family tree. My children developed an immediate interest in history and genealogy, making the experience even more rewarding.

Overall, the DNA-test processing experience with iGENEA has been phenomenal. The discovery of my connection to Calvin Coolidge was not just enlightening, it sparked conversations and interests within my family that we will remember for a lifetime.

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