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Surname Smitt - Meaning and Origin

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Smitt: What does the surname Smitt mean?

The last name Smitt is of German origin. It is derived from the German word "schmidt," which means "smith." The last name Smitt may have either arisen from a profession as a blacksmith or smelter of metals, or it may have been an occupational nickname for a metal worker or one who worked with tools. It may also be an habitational name from a place called Schmidt, which would indicate someone who originally came from this place.

The name Smitt is found mainly in Northwestern Germany, specifically in areas such as Bavaria and Westphalia. It is also common in the Netherlands and America, having been brought over by German immigrants.

The coat of arms for the Smitt family contains a blacksmith working at an anvil surrounded by a band of gold. This represents the original trade or craft of the family. There is also a beehive at the bottom of the coat of arms which represents the hardworking nature of the family.

The Smitt name is still common today, with many variations around the world. Common variations include Schmitt, Schmit, Schmidt, and Schmiedt.

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Smitt: Where does the name Smitt come from?

The last name Smitt is most common in Sweden, where it ranks among the 50 most common surnames. Sweden specifically saw a surge in the usage of Smitt as a last name in the 1800s when patronyms were abolished. This caused Smitt to become more popular as it is derived from the Swedish and Norwegian term “smitte” which means “to infect” or “to contaminate”.

Though Smitt is not as common in other countries, it still has a presence internationally, especially in Scandinavia, the United Kingdom, Germany, and the Netherlands. The United States also saw a steady increase in the Smitt population from 1980-2010. Within the United States, Smitt is especially concentrated in the midwest and in states like Iowa, Minnesota, and Nebraska.

Smitt is also an occupational surname, specifically originating from a blacksmith, so it is also found concentrated near places with blacksmiths. This includes countries like England, Germany, Spain, and Belguim, so it is likely that if you are looking for someone with the last name Smitt, those places may be a good place to start.

Variations of the surname Smitt

The surname Smitt is an occupational surname with Northern European origins. It is thought to have derived from the Old Norse word "smit," meaning "smith." Variants of this name include Smyth, Smith, Smithe, Smithson, Smetts, Smitten, Smit, Smid, Smits, and Smidt. Spellings and surnames of the same origin include Smet, Smoot, Smote, Schmid, Schmidt, and Schmitt.

The earliest noted recording of the Smitt surname dates back to the thirteenth century in Germany when a recorded Schmid appeared in records. A variant spelling of Smitt that is widely used is Smith, and the United States is now home tothe largest Smith population in the world. As Englishmen emigrated and settled in the New World following 1630, the Smiths were among the first immigrants. It is possible their name was altered from Schmid to Smith in order for it to fit better in English literature.

The Germanic roots of Smitt show through the number of English variants that derive from the same root. For example, the surnames Smoot, Smote, Smut, and Smitty all derive from Smitt. The Smut variant is thought to have evolved from the smith's activity of smiting, referring to a hammer used to beat metal into shape.

In the Netherlands, the origin of the Smitt surname came from the word "smid," and it is the Dutch "smid" form that has given Smith its present-day popularity. Variants of this surname include Smits, Smid, and Smitten.

The Smitt surname has spread to many countries throughout the world. In England, Scotland, and Ireland, Smith is one of the top four most common surnames. It is also very common in Wales, Germany, The Netherlands, France, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Famous people with the name Smitt

  • Jordy Smitt: Dutch actor, producer, presenter, and host of a radio show.
  • Eden Smitt: Swedish actress and comedian.
  • Igor Smitt: Russian artist, known for his sculptures and paintings.
  • Davide Smitt: Italian singer-songwriter and music producer.
  • Jan Smitt: Dutch entrepreneur, politician, and philanthropist.
  • Sam Smitt: Canadian actor and TV personality.
  • Oleg Smit: Ukrainian actor and theater director.
  • Brayden Smitt: Canadian professional soccer player.
  • Nathan Smitt: Australian Paralympic athlete and sports coach.
  • G. R. Smitt: American mathematician, behavior analyst, and author.
  • Violette Smitt: French-born artist and illustrator.
  • Olivia Smitt: Swedish singer and songwriter.
  • Madelaine Smitt: Dutch environmental activist.
  • Marik Smitt: Estonian Wrestler and Olympic bronze medalist.
  • Kent Smitt: Swedish National team handball player.
  • Brett Smitt: American country singer and songwriter.
  • Tessa Smitt: Belgian showjumping champion.
  • Lotte Smitt: Dutch ice hockey player and coach.
  • John Smitt: Welsh rugby union player.
  • Joshua Smitt: Canadian filmmaker and cinematographer.

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