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iGENEA DNA Test: Unraveling the Emotional Journey into My Family's Ancestral Story

Family name Redding

After exploring their ancestry through iGENEA DNA testing, the user learned that their surname, Redding, has a rich, complex backstory that expanded their understanding of their family and redefined their self-perception, invoking emotions ranging from surprise to pride.

Delving into the mysteries of my ancestry through iGENEA DNA testing was an incredible journey. There are a myriad of emotions seeping into every segment of the process, turning DNA testing into a roller-coaster of sorts, filled with surprise, excitement, nervousness, and ultimately, enlightenment.

Initially, there was a palpable sense of anticipation, akin to embarking on a mystery tour into the unknown. I sent off the sample required for testing, filled with nervousness and hoping my DNA would "behave" and show something of interest.

When the test results started coming in, they brought with them the surprise element. I learned that my surname, Redding, carries a unique genetic imprint that opens a window into the past. It’s a mixture of Celtic, Germanic, and Slavic influences, highlighting a diverse cultural heritage that I’d never thought would be a part of my history. This revelation was novel and exhilarating, infusing me with a sudden surge of pride at the survival instincts of my forefathers.

The testing also pointed towards potential connections with distant second and third cousins who I had no knowledge of. I felt a thrill at discovering these family ties, as well as a sense of sadness that these relationships had been lost over time, turning into mere traces in our DNA.

The most profound moment within this journey, however, came when I identified the presence of Jewish ancestry within my genetics. Being of Christian faith, this came as a startling surprise but also a significant pivot for my understanding of our family. It accentuated the aspect of family history as a tapestry of stories, the threads of which weave and intertwine with the passage of time.

The knowledge garnered from iGENEA has fundamentally altered the way I perceive Redding as a surname – it’s not just a name but a powerful symbol of resilience, influence, survival, and my family’s diverse and rich historical tapestry.

These experiences have emotionalized my understanding of what it truly means to be a Redding, and the respect I have for my forebears has increased tenfold, refining the lens through which I see myself and my family.

J. Redding

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