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Surname Pinson - Meaning and Origin

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Personal Reflections Post-iGENEA Test: Reimagining Pinson Heritage and Identity

The iGENEA DNA test deepened my understanding of my personal identity and heritage, particularly highlighting the significance of my surname, Pinson.

P. Pinson

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Pinson: What does the surname Pinson mean?

The surname Pinson is of French origin, derived from the Old French word "pinson", meaning finch, a type of small songbird. Therefore, it was originally a nickname for someone thought to resemble a finch, possibly indicating a cheerful, agile, or petite individual. It may also have been an occupational name for a bird catcher. Like many surnames, Pinson was likely used to distinguish individuals with the same first name in a community. Today, it is carried by individuals and families in many parts of the world, including France and the United States. While meanings of surnames can provide interesting insights into our ancestors' lives and characters, it's important to remember that surnames were often assigned centuries ago and may not accurately describe individuals bearing those names today.

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Pinson: Where does the name Pinson come from?

The last name Pinson is a common surname in both France and the United States. In France, the name is believed to have originated in the region of Normandy and it is believed the word "pinson" may mean "small bird." This last name is more common in France than in other countries, with 12,547 people carrying the name as of 2019.

In the United States, Pinson is most often found in the South, particularly in Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee. It can also be found sometimes in other states in the United States. According to the 2010 US census, 43,668 people at the time carried the last name Pinson.

Outside of these two countries, the last name Pinson can also be found in other places such as the Netherlands, Germany, and Australia. In general, the prevalence of the Pinson surname is highest in France, the US, Germany, and the Netherlands. It is a relatively uncommon name around the world, but the frequency of the name varies greatly depending on the region.

Variations of the surname Pinson

The surname Pinson is of French origin, with variants including Pinsón, Piñón, and Piñon. Historically, the spelling of the surname was somewhat variable, with known spellings including Pinsonneaux, Pinçon, Pinsoneau, Pinsoun, and Pinsonneaulx, among others. There are also some cases of this surname being anglicized to Penchon, Pensoneau, and Penington.

Among the Sephardic Jewish populations of France, it is likely that the surname is a variant of Pinso, a galicianized adaptation of the Hebrew surname Ben Zion, which translates to "son of Zion" or "son of justice".

In other parts of Europe, variants of the surname include Pinse and Pintschner, both derived from the German "Pinzener". In Switzerland, the surname is usually spelled Pinçon, and in Italy the surname has been adapted to Pinzon.

In the United States, the surname has evolved further, being frequently pronounced as "Pin-sawn," email, and sometimes even "Penn-sawn." Other US adaptations include Pinsonneault, Penzien, Penny, Penning, Penninck and Pensick.

The surname Pinson is relatively uncommon and is found across Europe and in the French-speaking regions of North America. As a result of its numerous iterations andstroms, it is likely to be found among many different ethnic and religious backgrounds.

Famous people with the name Pinson

  • Christine Pinson: former French volleyball player and multiple-time champion in the French league.
  • Troy Pinson: former professional basketball player in the NBA.
  • Jean-Charles Pinson: professional racing driver who has raced in the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup, 24 Hours of Le Mans, and ALMS.
  • Elmer Pinson: former Major League Baseball player.
  • Pierre Pinson: French professional soccer player, who currently plays for Lille OSC.
  • Blink Pinson: contemporary artist based in San Francisco.
  • Malik Pinson: former basketball player who played in the NBA G League.
  • Maleyka Pinson: actress from Texas best known for her roles in movies such as 'High Rise' and 'The Beach House'.
  • Isaiah Pinson: former semi-professional American football player.
  • Elizabeth Pinson: Grenadan actress, best known for her roles in the movies 'Butterfly' and 'Dance of the Dead'.

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