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Deciphering the Unexpected Hebert Heritage: Reconnecting with Ancestors through the iGENEA DNA Test

Family name Hebert

I took an iGENEA DNA test to delve into my ancestry - expecting to corroborate the stories I'd been told about the Heberts lineage's roots. Instead, the results offered surprising revelations, significantly influencing my perception of my heritage. Hence, profoundly changing my self-understanding and connection to the world.

Taking the iGENEA DNA test has profoundly influenced my knowledge about my ancestors named Hebert. To explore my roots better, I decided to take a DNA test with iGENEA, expecting to confirm the ancestry I grew up hearing about. However, the results returned unexpected insights, profoundly changing my self-understanding.

Most intriguingly, I discovered that my Hebert lineage doesn't trace back to Western Europe, as I have been led to believe my entire life, but to Eastern Europe - in fact, Poland. I found this revelation remarkably challenging to digest initially but ultimately profoundly enlightening and culturally enriching.

As I further worked through the results, I uncovered another clue that even more profoundly redefined my understanding of my heritage: I have Jewish ancestry. This finding was utterly shocking considering my Hebert family has always identified as staunch Catholics. I was moved by the thought of the hardships and trials my ancestors likely have had to endure down the ages due to their faith.

The test also shed light on the intermingling of different cultures in my ancestry. I learned of a Mongolian streak in my genetics, dating back approximately 800 years. The thought of my ancestors migrating such a distance throughout their lives ignited a reignited curiosity in me - a desire to explore, understand and appreciate the world's immense diversity.

These revelations have fundamentally changed my self-understanding. Learning that my roots weren't what I always thought they were gave me a deeper appreciation for the unpredictability of life and the intricate tapestry that is human history. I've started to see myself as a more global and inclusive person, intrinsically connected to numerous cultures and experiences.

Looking back, undergoing the DNA test at iGENEA was an enlightening journey - a journey that brought me closer to my ancestors, the Heberts, and reshaped my understanding of, and my connection to, the world around me.

Y. Hebert

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