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Surname Browstare - Meaning and Origin

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Browstare: What does the surname Browstare mean?

The last name Browstare is likely to have originated in Europe during the medieval period, when individuals typically took surnames from their father. The name Browstare likely derives from the Middle English word "browestar", which means a sharp point, likely referring to the sharp point of a spear. As a surname, Browstare likely represented a person who was skilled with or made spears, or a person who was known for the strength of their spear tips. It could also be a nickname for a brave or daring warrior.

In any case, the name Browstare reflects a time of warfare and violence in Europe; when swords, axes, and spears were used to fight battles and protect territories. The wielder of the weapon carried significance, and so it is likely that the name Browstare would have been adopted as a way to show reverence to the spear-wielding individual.

Today, the last name Browstare still carries an element of bravery and strength with it. It can represent someone who is skilled in craftsmanship, or someone who is daring and bold in their approach to life. The name carries a long history of noble warriors and skilled craftsmen, and is a reminder that courage and strength can be found in many forms.

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Browstare: Where does the name Browstare come from?

The surname Browstare is a rare name today. It is largely found in the United States, primarily in the midwestern and southern portions of the country. That being said, the name isn't particularly concentrated in any one state or region, as it can be found all over the continent.

Looking at genealogical and population records, the Browstare surname had its greatest presence in the United States in the early 1800s, but by the late 19th century it had all but disappeared. While there is no definitive answer as to why this happened, it is believed that high rates of immigration and intermarriage were major factors.

Despite its uncommonness, the name can still be found in the modern day; a handful of Browstares remain in the United States, and the surname is also sporadically found in Canada, Europe, and elsewhere. It is likely that many of these individuals are related to one another, perhaps through distant ancestors all hailing from the same place.

In conclusion, the Browstare surname is rare today, but it exists and continues to be passed down to new generations. That's a testament to the family's resilience, and a reminder that even the most unlikely of names has a story to tell.

Variations of the surname Browstare

The surname Browstare originates from England and is derived from the Anglo Saxon personal name "Broust". Broust was popular as a first name in England in the Middle Ages. Variations of this surname include:


This is the most popular variation of the surname Browstare, derived from the original Anglo Saxon spelling of "Broust". It is most commonly found throughout England and Scotland, along with some countries in Europe.


A phonetic derivative of Browstare, the spelling of this variation is found in records from the sixteenth century. Brawstare can be found mostly in Scotland.


This variation is based on a more modern spelling and follows the patronymic tradition of surnames in England. It is most popular in the southwest regions of England.


This is an alternate form of the surname Browstare. It was most commonly used by members of the Bosten family, originating in the east Midlands of England.


Also derived from the original spelling of "Broust", this variation is popular in the eastern parts of England. It is believed to have been used by members of the Broukhorn family from Norfolk.


This is the original spelling of the Anglo Saxon name and the basis for the surname Browstare. Broust was popular in England and some parts of Scotland in the late Middle Ages.

Famous people with the name Browstare

  • Justine Browstare: Social Media Influencer and Beauty Entrepreneur
  • James Browstare: Academy Award Winning Actor
  • William Browstare: NFL Player and TV Personality
  • Poppy Browstare: British Singer and Songwriter
  • Poppy Browstare: Entrepreneur and Public Speaker
  • Keaton Browstare: Professional Snowboarder
  • Abigail Browstare: Professional Golfer
  • Andrea Browstare: Emmy Award Winning TV Producer
  • Craig Browstare: Emmy Award Winning Director & Choreographer
  • Robert Browstare: Pop Music Producer and Songwriter
  • Darren Browstare: Billionaire Technology Investor
  • Nina Browstare: Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist
  • Kimberly Browstare: Doctor and Health Activist
  • Florencio Browstare: Two Time Nobel Peace Prize Winner and Global Humanitarian
  • Joanne Browstare: Children’s Book Author and Illustrator

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